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Sunday, August 9, 2009

DIY - Prawn with Chilli Onion

Just noticed I had yet post this recipe, my mom's recipe.... believe she gave me this many many years ago, and not too sure where she got this from. Anyway, it's something I followed each time when I wish to cook this dish.

Pretty simple dish, but require few couple of steps to complete... not as easy as using Brahim or so paste.

Fresh prawn, tumeric powder (kunyit), assam, chilli, onion, belacan

Preparations are as below:
  • 1) Devein 10 prawns - leave tails. Rub assam 3/4 tablespoon on prawn for a while
  • (add tumeric powder or kunyit)
  • 2) Take out assam, add some water to get assam juice
  • 3) Pound chilli (fresh red) with onions and a bit belacan
  • 4) Oil in kuali, fry chilli and onion tillfragrant. Add prawns & big onion. Stir fry.
  • 5) Add sugar & salt to taste, add assam water. Cover kuali for a while till cooked.
And here are pictures...

Marinated prawn

Onion and chilli


End product....

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