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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee @ PJ Jalan 222

A friend has been praising about this stall's Hokkien Mee, all because her family has been a loyal customer to this stall... and the shop is just along the same street as Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee. This was my 2nd visit, after getting recomendation from her.

Secondly, this stall serves good taste of LARD !! Seems to be her every favourite after all. Let's see how much lard is served, of course... this has to be something upon request.

There are pictures to describe.. the stall opens mainly at night.

Location : Jalan 14/48, Petaling Jaya.

The Map

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GPS Coordinate : N3 05.850 E101 37.757

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