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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kota Kemuning Treasure Hunt 2009

It was a stressful Sunday last weekend, and it was merely 2 weeks ago, my gang and I had a hunt down to Malacca town, stayed over 1 nite and mainly enjoyed the trip of food instead of the hunt. Why? because we were no way reaching the Hunter's score... wahaah.... we are just not at that level, probably and hopefully we could achieve something soon, with the good 'management' support and encouragement (wahahah!! she should know whom we meant)

2 weeks later, there was another hunt we supposed to train ourselves upon receiving the next challenge. This time was rather though for us, but it was fun too! Most tiring part was to wake up 6am (someone even woke up 545am) on a rainy Sunday morning to join the hunt, further more being the last car to flag off...

Here are some pre event pictures... the moment we (or should be I the only one) collecting the goodie bag during the briefing session a day before.

Lastly, an applause to the organizing committee, there was good coordination and teamwork behind the scene of this successful event, VIPsss were very happy and praised the event as a success story for KK's community too.

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