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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cameron Highlands... conquering you soon!

This blog is written specially for those of you whom will be visiting Cameron Highlands soon. Attaching some pictures taken during our trip last October '07. It was used to be our 'frequent' visit place in Peninsular Malaysia. However, I don't remember visiting the place in 2008. I would say we had missed a company Treasure Hunt trip this year, not sure what happened and we didn't join.... sounds ages ago.

My target for this coming visit will be mainly taking nice pictures around. Probably will try some short journey tracking, kampung visits, and other new cum adventurous things.

The best view in Cameron should be this BOH tea plantation (pictures below) where one can overlook the greenish plantation area, at the same time enjoying the chilling atmosphere with a cup of tea (specifically Boh tea yeah!). Heard from a friend that their scones are nice too, just nice to enjoy an English style tea breakfast. In fact, they serve nice local foods too, like Nasi Lemak.

Here are some pictures for your viewings (click to enlarge).

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