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Saturday, November 8, 2008

New - Japanese Apricot Wine (杏露酒)

I bought this mini bottle of wine from Japan during my last business visit in July '08. Heard from my Japanese colleague, Plum and fruits wine is very popular in Japan. As so, I bought them from the Isetan-Apple Supermarket which I used to hang out every night after or before my dinner. :) At times, I even like to pack my dinner from the supermarket, especially when I get so lazy getting out from the hotel after a long long tiring working day.

This particular wine has 14% alcohol... no wonder I feel a bit drunk now :) Its lil apricot tastes really nice. Alcohol gets absorbed even more in soaked fruits.... I remember this was mentioned by an article somewhere.

Tastes great! Indeed a nice fruit wine! Will get more if I ever have the chance to get to Japan again.

Detail website in Japanese:-

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