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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fish in a Squid (Calamari) !

Have you ever seen such scene before? While I was happily preparing my Tom-Yum seafood dinner last night, I encountered such thing in my chopping board. As I was cleaning the calamari, as usual I would have to clear off those inner unwanted stuffs. Somehow, I saw something huge and abnormal.

Guess what? It was a lil FISH! How can it get in there?

Of course it must have been eaten or sucked by the big calamari. What came into my mind, in such case, aren't I have been paying more for the weight of calamari I bought?? Haaa... anyway, not a huge fish.

I am sure some could have seen some other sea creature in one another, example lil baby crab in a shell or something like that. So, this is nothing special.. but indeed it was the first time ever I saw this scene in my kitchen.

While websurfing... I found this step-by-step tutorial on how-to clean a squid being interesting.
Worth sharing http://greekfood.about.com/od/greekcookinglessons/ig/Clean-Squid/

Since I am here, here you go for my dinner last night....

Preparation guide:
  • 1) Ready ingredients, i.e. tom-yum paste, lemongrass, onion, dried chilli and boil them in a pot
  • 2) Include whichever seafood you like, i.e. calamari, prawns, fish balls, meat balls, etc...
There it goes.... a simple meal of the day!

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