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Sunday, November 2, 2008

New - Posonline.... It works!

It works! It works! Had my car road tax renewed lately, in fact my due date should be Nov-8 '08. However, the kiasu me have to do this earlier with some glitches found from the unpleasant past experience of the different car....

In case you would like to know, if you or your vehicle happened to be blacklisted in the PDRM or JPJ website, you might not be able to renew your roadtax. In both incidents, we happened to get wrong information tagged into the blacklist system.

  1. 1) Owner's I/C no. was blacklisted, but the vehicle is not owned by him. Worse case, PDRM found out that the I/C no. was tagged to a different guy's name.
  2. 2) Vechicle no. plat was blacklisted, the system showed that this particular vehicle was summoned due an accident, and the vehicle was a lorry (in actual fact, this vehicle is a private car in JPJ system).

Anyway, back to the main topic...

I happened to walked by Sg Wang's Pos Office last week. My lunchmates mentioned about Cash Rebate for vehicle. Usual me, I had almost forgot about the cash rebate thingy, since I am so lazy to queue up in the Pos Office - kinda phobia seeing the usual crowd in KLCC branch.

Anyway, I went over to POS Malaysia website, preparing myself with the usual conventional form to print out. While browsing through for details, I navigated myself to their POSonline website instead.

It was interesting, there is a column for online Cash Rebate! Exactly the service I wanted. Pretty straight forward steps to follow:-
  1. 1. Register yourself, get yourself an id and password
  2. 2. Login
  3. 3. Go to Cash Rebate Online
  4. 4. Fill up your details and vehicle no.
  5. 5. Sit back and wait...
Based on their term and condition, it says it will take 3 days for Bank online processing. However, I got mine ready in 2 days! Not too bad, still within SLO.

But then, I found that their system did not send me email notify me the process had been completed. Not until I checked my bank account.

Anyway, still better than I expected. Since..... my 2008 road tax has yet to due, they had actually able to process it!

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