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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New - Chill out @ Quattro's Spring Lounge, Avenue K

This was the first time ever we stepped into this Bar. Remember it was a Friday when we colleagues headed ourself to Public Bank to collect our credit cards after lunch at Avenue K. We passed by this place with its cool theme bar. It has 4 seasons themed restaurants - Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer.

So, one fine Wednesday, a friend suggested to chill out at this place. Apparently, they have Happy Hour at the Spring Lounge. Cool place indeed, with overlooking bus traffics along Jalan Ampang, as well as 'human' traffic crossing the street from KLCC or other nearby office building heading towards the underground LRT station. Of course, with such good view of KLCC.

That nite was rainy, just before we left, the place was wet and about to splash on to me. Lucky me, the place has well equiped adjustable blinds to ease the splash.

It has 'cool' chairs, but the drawback was they are lil small and crowd up the place, especially when we ordered a full pan of pizza as snacks.

Overall, not too bad for a place to hangout for happy hour.

Some writeup extracted from other sites -

[ Spring Lounge ]

Temp : +21ºC
Climate : Cooling breeze and occasional rain
Feat : Live performances by bands, comedians, etc.

Find your comfort zone... Relax and lounge amidst the bounce of live music in a swanky ambience where the weather could be clear one minute or raining (indoors) the next. Park yourself at the stunning 'Aquarium Bar' (yes, the bar is actually made of real aquariums with live fish) if you're one who likes his/her drinks served fast and furious, with a bit of flair.

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