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Friday, November 21, 2008

Junk Food Heaven - Cadbury Peppermint Chocolate

I don't think Chocolate is my favorite junk food (coz my mom banned me from liking choco when I was young :P). But then, I might still have some odd one for my favorite, right?

Ever since my hometown was turned into a Duty Tax Free Financial Center, we enjoyed cheap imported chocolate since then. That was the time I first had this Cadbury Peppermint Chocolate! Particularly, it must be Made in Australia. My next favorite from Cadbury family is Dark Chocolate Old Gold Old Jamaica Rum N Raisins.

I used to buy the large bar like this... but each time I won't be able to finish them all, its all depends on my mood. If I crave for it, I will have them. Else if not, it will be rotten or expired.

I got so used to the imported Chocolates, mainly Cadbury large bar from Australia. We can get them about RM8/bar. It was used to be RM7. Other than Cadbury, the other common chocolates are Hershey's Kisses. We can get about RM19-25 for large pack.

Cadbury Peppermint Milk Chocolate with smooth flowing peppermint

Cadbury Old Jamaica Old Gold Dark Chocolate Rum N Raisins

If you wish to get good and cheap chocolate.. welcome to my hometown, island of Labuan ! ;)

* How this blog topic came by? Well, it was from the taste of peppermint choco I am having now, yum yum!

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