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Friday, November 21, 2008

DIY - Wheat Noodle with Pork Chop

After having peppermint choco as tea, I then had this simple noodle dish as my 1pax dinner. Assumed it must be much healthier than having Maggie Mee or Ibu Mee as my dinner.

I defrosted the pre-marinated pork chop from the freezer in less than 20min. Prepared the following ingredients for my noodle. It is a very simple dish, except for the chopping of garlic into small pieces :)

Kind of agree with what stated in this blog - http://www.penangfaces.chanlilian.net/wheat-noodle/, I noticed so far this is the best wheat noodle (长寿面)I ever bought, and best part it is made in Malaysia, and I presume Melamin free! The noodle is "spaghetti-a-like" but more egg-tasty.

Ingredient : Wheat Noodle, garlic, dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, sugar, Sarawak pepper, seseame oil

Preparation :
1) Chopped garlic into small lil cubes
2) Place garlic in a bowl, add sugar, dark and light soya sauce at your taste, as well as slight Sarawak pepper and sesame oil. Mix well.
3) Boil water, place noodle sticks till it gets soften
4) Seive soften noodle and get them through a sieve and cool water

Here you go... my dinner !
I hope the pork-chop does not looks ugly... like what usually mention in Cantonese drama - 猪扒 (Zhu Pa)!Heee :)

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