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Friday, September 25, 2009


I think this could be my most nonsense (无聊) post I ever had.... Do you know what's in the picture below? Come guess..... it's the 'Ants Tunnel' in making! I came back home from office on a Friday evening, aimlessly and a lil moody... As usual, I will turn on my netbook from my study table, swing off the window panel and ta-daaaaa... I saw 2 holes at my green garden. I knew it was the creation of the ever hardworking ants.

Closer look... here you go.

And much more closer....

I knew I have nothing better to do, taking pictures wasn't enough. I did capture a video too!

Look at them, how hardworking they are. I wonder if they get paid??! (hehe) Having said, since they are my 'main character of the day', I did a searched on Wikipedia (Ops, who is Wiki?)... These are called Black Garden Ants. Wonder how they got transform? Very simple... the keywords are - Queen Ants, Queen with wings, Queen without wings, Mating, Tunnels, Eggs, etc...

With the keywords above, you could now summarized the storyline... There are these Black Ants with wings... which locally (or at home) we usually called it 'insect' which likes to come near the lights during rainy season. It was exactly what I noticed last Sunday when I hosted my garden BBQ dinner. There are lots of these 'insects' flew around.

And so, the Queen ants will mate and they will drop their wings before they gets into the tunnel to lay their eggs. That seems to be the reason why tunnel is built. Seems that the Queen is soon laying her eggs. So..... should I destroy their 'road to castle' next??

For a more detail storyline, do ask Wiki!

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