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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nestle Malaysia's VIP

Who says there is no surprise in today's snail mail? My postal mailbox is not meant only for credit cards bills and statements... though I know I will not receive any luv letters afterall... :P

Do you know Nestle? Do you know Nestle products well enough? Else if not, do you know Milo, Nescafe, Maggie Mee, etc...? If you are Malaysian or have been staying in this country long enough, I am sure you will know all these consumer products and brand. Although its a Multi National Company (MNC), but yet they might carry different products or brand name in other countries. The one I recall well is 雀巢 they called Nestle in China, with its beverage of Iced Lemon Tea.

Enough of the introduction. I received a snail mail posted to my home address lately, and it was bulky... it was from Nestle. Not that I had won any contest of such, without knowing... I had been their VIP contact for almost 10 years. What does a VIP contact does? Basically I am always a person who fill up their survey forms... that's what I did most time when I am free. Besides Nestle, I am also a survey contact for AC Nielson online, introduced by a friend few years ago.

So, what did I get from Nestle this time? Here you go... sample sachet of their newest release of 3-in-1 sachet type of Nescafe Gold, and 3-in-1 Milo Fuze (which I don't think is new). Besides those free sample stuff, there are printed in color recipes attached, as well as some new products pamphlet.

You could browse through their website for more info, there are contests forms and so available too. To those who likes to collect recipes, you might want to register yourself for eNewsletter at their Dear Nestle site. In case you are interested to register yourself... do proceed registration here. But I wouldn't sure if you will get VIP treatment and postal mail like me :P, no promise but worth trying your luck.


Gan said...

The Chinese name for Nestle is 雀巢 not 鸟巢 - thought you have been living in Malaysia long enough :).
- Hello message from Meng Kiat

Purpledee said...

haha, TQ TQ MengKiat.... my Mandrin is always horrible. Thanks for noticing and correcting it!