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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zheng Xin Buddhist Association's Bodhi Nite 2009

It has been a tiring weekend... having very limited time for blogging, somehow I managed to update several blogs of mine. Being a blogger cum writer for some other blog owners is not an easy job, somewhat, I can feel the fulfillment while writing, when I am able to share something with more and more friends. I might not be a good writer... working hard towards that. In case you are curious to know, click here and here for the updates. I even uploaded some photos to Multiply.com, my abandoned blog site.

What are the activities I had this week? Well, I was offered a free-ticket. Not to say its free, but it was some how a charity dinner ticket where someone had donated the ticket but not able to attend. I some what was offered to attend on behalf. Anyway, since I have no other plans that nite, might as well joined along. Though, I know its gonna boring.

It was Zheng Xin Buddhist Association in Puchong, organized a charity dinner for their association. This reminded me of a similar offer given by a friend last year, in which we attended a similar kind of charity dinner for a Buddhist Association charity dinner at One World Hotel (organized for different organization). This time, the event was held at Sime Darby Convention Center.

Location of the event was nice, there were ample car park at its multistory building, most importantly parking was free. The building seems new, as this was my first time visit. The convention hall ambiance was great. That's when I spend most of my time, entertaining myself with my camera, while sitting & waiting at the dinning table.

The dinner was a Chinese Vegetarian 8 coursed dinner. Since it was Vegetarian, don't expect much. And true enough, it was way below my expectation. Guess the only good food served was during the cocktail event.

The theme of the nite was "Brighten Up the Heart" or "Lighting Up the Mind and Soul" (点亮心灵之灯). Thus, you have seen candles of light on the dinning table. There's great meaning of this, guess I may not be able to explain it in detail.... unless you understand Buddhism and its thoughts. The below show be able to explain better.

Here's the door gift - a key chain. Added one more for my key chain collection ;)

Series of performance was lined up... below was the "Thousand Hands" & Violin Performance by Yvonne (Ops, can't remember her last name).. she has a sexy back yeah!!

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