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Sunday, September 6, 2009

V-Garden Restaurant, Klang + Tracy's Line Dance Party 2009

Oops... what's this? It's my torned dance shoe sole... oh dear, I just recalled how long I had never use this pair of shoe, probably more than 1-2 years. I had just totally gave up dancing for many years. This is a Bloch dance shoe I first every bought from the states US, it was brought back by my colleague many years ago. Ordered from Allaboutdance.com. Guess it might R.I.P. very soon, if my cobler could not 'save' it!

Ok, back to the party story.... as it started small since 2004, fully organized by Foxtail Eventz. Always a successfull one, most importantly with a specific theme each year, drawing crowd participations, door gifts, lucky draws, organized dance list, good food, and many many excitement around. Enough on the event.. and here is food time!!

V-Garden Restaurant @ Klang is the first time we had dance party here. Thus, the quality of food wasn't with much expectation earlier. Fortunate enough, it all turned out well overall... just nice for an afternoon lunch cum tea time. All dishes were 'sapu kosong' (emptied).

Part of the dishes, we had steamed fish, mini bucket dish (盆菜), Thai style Pork knuckle (猪手)!!! Again, pork knuckle. I have been having this dish for weeks... almost every week, and my happy hour kakis will be trying another one soon. The other restaurant I had earlier..... sorry, I have yet to blog them out, paiseh...

steamed fish

mini bucket dish (盆菜)

Thai style Pork knuckle (猪手)

The menu

Restaurant Location:
In between Klang Centro & Klang Hokkien Association, along Jalan Batu Tiga Lama.
GPS Coordinate : N3 03.184 E101 27.741

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