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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Trip to Ulu Langat/Semenyih : Shepherd's Foster Home - Lunch - Tekala Waterfall

It was an uncertain trip for me, I left it to my mood today to decide. Apparently, the sun shined happily today. And so, I thought this is the chance for me to update my blog.. else boring me will have nothing to 'produce'.

Trip started 930AM from Kota Kemuning --> 10AM++ arrived at Shepherd Foster Home, Semenyih --> 1130AM arrived at Broga for Lunch --> 130AM arrived at Tekala Waterfalls. There were 6 cars convoyed us.... it was me and my lovely GPS! Total of 35++ pax were in the trip.

Shepherd Foundation Center

Very brief visit to their children foster home, we donated lots of stuffs... which was collected from the last PPKK's Treasure Hunt.. these were the treasures we, treasure hunters collected. It was a good idea to seek for treasures like this during a hunt, it had made the hunt more meaningful.

This foster home seems to be an established one, though they don't have a very nice shelter, unlike some very 'rich' ones... but one thing I observed - the children are happy... There are some ill children under their care too, a 10 year old boy by the name of 'ah-sing' who is terminally ill with diabetic... seems to be cheerful and came shakes hand with all of us. Hope he will gain good health soon one day.

In case you would like to pay them a visit.. here's their detail - http://www.shepherd.org.my/

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Lunch @ Broga Recreational Fishing Park - Grilled Tilapia Fish

Very interesting place where you could fish and eat.. of course, when it is crowded of so, you might not have the chance to do your own fishing. At least during my visit, I see no one was doing that... why not ya? Probably most people were hungry at that time. Well, I wish I could hold a fishing rod one day, it must be sad to say, someone who grew up in an island does not know how to fish? It must be a joke!

Anyway, back to the place.... I would not sure if the restaurant has a website, as I can't find one from google.... but they have nice namecards, pamphlet designed for them. This is what I got from http://www.alankok.com/?page_id=193

But when you reached the place on a winding and narrow road.. you might missed the place! At least that was what happened to us as the car was less at that time. Usually during peak period, car parked will be limited and it will overflown to the roadside. For those with GPS, you would have to update the latest map from MFM, and search under POI of 'Ikan Bakar'. Else, you would need to make sure you don't miss the little signboard at the gate, stated "郭石水鱼塘" instead.

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The interior of the restaurant is rather a simple 'atap house'. Dishes prepare were all simple, you won't see a single wok out there (but may be in the kitchen)... all you can see are aluminum foils and the charcoal. All dishes including the vegetable are grilled with the foils.

Indeed an interesting restaurant worth paying a visit...

GPS coordinate : N2 55.834 E101 55.721

Tekala Waterfall, Ulu Langat

Mind you, there may be Waterfalls enthusiastic out there!! If you do, do visit http://www.waterfallsofmalaysia.com/... They kept updating new waterfall sites in this website... best part is some even have GPS POI...

Tekala Waterfall, again a new discovered place for me. However, I didn't get down to the water as I thought it is gonna be messy afterwards...with cloths changing and shower not available nearby. But overall, the facilities around, i.e. changing rooms are well available at major spots.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself with my toys!!... both my cameras, my BenQ netbook, my DiGi Broadband, and my iPod Shuffle.... Hehe, a friend said I looked like 'a city gal going into the jungle'... I agree :), as I always joked to my friends - I don't mind staying in the jungle.... provided I am given internet access... haha!

Besides the tech stuffs, I do enjoyed the foods too...apparently our friends did bring along lots of food to share... includes nicely chilled (in a cooler box) many many mini fruit tarts, egg and sardine sandwiches, watermelon, 3-in-1 coffee, and I did contributed a pamelo too!!!

Here are some pictures to share... I gotta consolidate them since I am lazy uploading them one by one to Blogspot.

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