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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barn Buddy @ Ben Choo Nursery, Sungai Buloh

Barn Buddy! Those who're active in Facebook might know this application... I have few friends who are actively playing this game. Watering their fruit plants, harvesting fruits, removing weeds, removing bugs, etc.... I would say this is quite fun, where you could see how your plant grows till harvest, as well helping your buddies watering their plant and remove harmful bugs and weeds.

Well, enough of the fake farm... back to natural farm. I paid a visit to Sungai Buloh today. Sungai Buloh should be a famous place lately... It's virus AH1N1 quarantine place! Other than hospital, it is is usually famous of its many nursery farms around. You will be spoiled for choice, and shop for more plants from nurseries around that area.

This time round, our mission was to shop for some garden herbs and fruit plants for my backyard. We found this nursery, introduced by a friend who redesign their garden with new plants. Mentioned to us that this particular shop gives good deal.

Indeed. The moment I went into the nursery, I found the Misai Kucing plant selling for only RM2.50, where else the nursery next door selling RM10. What a huge difference.

The other thing I like about this nursery, they labeled their plants nicely. I learned lots of its name and able to search and understand more on the plants I have at my backyard. I can't help snapping pictures around, especially those with labels. As I like macro pictures, it is always fun taking pictures at nursery, where there are lots of flowers to choose, and of course its free! But one thing bad, its if the place is muddy and under the hot sun... it will be kinda messy.

Look at their plant list... Jack fruit, Pamelo, Australia Lemon, Passion Fruit, Cempedak, Kedondong, etc... they sell most of them.

We bought this Australia Lemon, hopefully will grow well at my backyard. Herb plant they have Rosemary. My intention was to get Basil plant, which I have to get it from the nursery next door selling for RM10, seems expansive. No choice, as I wish to try out a Chinese dish very soon!

In case you are interested with this nursery, here's the place. It's located along Jalan Hospital at Sungai Buloh, drive along the way after the hospital buildings, you will head to some quarters and medical college. The nursery is located right opposite a construction area (as of now), where the future MARA college will be located. GPS Coordinate : N3 13.165 E101 35.691


Choy said...

Aiyah - Basil. I can give you mah !! Why spend RM2.50 on it. It's so easy to grow. I have dills too. Interested ???

Purpledee said...

Thanks for your basil plant, Flo.. had planted them, hope it will grow well.