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Sunday, September 13, 2009

DIY - Durian Goreng (Fried Durian)

Yum... this is yummy! I need to clear up my freezer case this weekend, as it will be very heavy loaded next weekend. Why? You will know in my following post next week. Here's my savings of durian from the last durian season...

After the try of my fried banana couple of weeks ago, here I come with an enhanced version of batter mix. This time round was much better.... and with a little more high temperature of frying pan, the color turned golden brown nicer.

Quick guide:
1) Place flour in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, plus a little rice flour (for crispiness)
2) Mix flour and others with water, stir well
3) Make sure dough is not too watery... check out the drip
4) Add little vegetable oil to the dough
5) Place peeled durian into the dough
6) Fry them in the wok
7) Serve

Here's the final product - creamy durian texture hidden between the flour!


edwin said...

would you please share yout recipe and how to cook it? thank you....

Purpledee said...

hi edwin, thanks for dropping by. i have added the quick guide into the post, its exactly the same as the fried banana post.