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Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY - Mixed Fruit Sago dessert (杂果西米露)

This has been a pending post for a while.... what had I done lately, till feeling tired with my lil netbook and tiny words in there.. blame it on age or blame it on FB's farm!! Hehe...

Introducing a very simple dessert, can be prepared instantly. I prepared this last minutes before a Lantern Festival's BBQ gathering couple of weeks ago, all because someone's coconut pudding had failed!!... why failed? Blame it on the bad coconut.

Anyway, thank god this 1st timer dessert didn't failed on me. I was so worry if most could not accept the taste, as I didn't have the time to taste it properly before serving. Thanks to a friend who introduced me this dessert from Marco Polo Restaurant.

Very simple ingredient: Canned mixed fruit, Sago, Soya Milk, Vanilla Icecream, Ice

Preparing method:
  1. 1. Boil sago in hot water, till it gets transparent, sieve and rinse it with cold water
  2. 2. Pour soya milk (less sugar) into a huge bowl
  3. 3. Sieve mixed fruit from its sweetener liquid
  4. 4. Place both sago and mixed fruits into soya milk bowl
  5. 5. Add ice cubes
  6. 6. Mix vanilla ice-cream into the mixed soya milk bowl, let it melt
End result:

It's pretty hard to describe the taste from its look. The picture might not look tasty.. but you could use your imagination of less sugar soya milk in addition of chilling vanilla ice-cream... what would that taste. The reason I wasn't very comfortable with the taste, was because I find it difficult to adjust the amount of ice-cream I supposed to melt into the soya milk. The smaller bowl I made had more ice-cream and I felt it too creamy. :P

You may try if interested...


Jacko said...

could b ur soya not ngam taste kua... u missed santan coconut milk. use tat wit ice cream shd b better.

Purpledee said...

I didn't know it needs coconut milk, since tasted only once. Why u nvr tell ??!! :D