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Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 09's Perak Trip - Part 3

Sigh... this had taken me a while to continue the food section of my last Ipoh trip. Here are the food we indulged on the way from Kuala Kangsar.

First... Laksa Khomsa @ Sultan Abdul Aziz Park, its at the Golf Club area, near Ipoh International School. There are couple of laksa van stalls along the road daily between 1-5pm. Heard this particular stall was advertised in the Chinese Newpaper lately. They even have the paper cutting hung in the laksa van. Selling at a standard price ofRM2/bowl.

GPS Coordinate : N4 35.706 E101 06.698

Next, we headed to Pasir Pinji. Another food heaven! Since stomach was still full... probably some snacks will be perfect. Going with GPS POI, there is a famous Mua Chee around. Searched for + Hong Kee Mah Chee. The stall is located along Jalan Queen, outside a residential house, a village bangalow. Besides mua chee, auntie sells Peanut dessert (花生糊)too. Each selling at RM1.50.

GPS Coordinate : N4 34.380 E101 05.219

Well.. that was all for the day. Following another trip I made downtown Ipoh's Kong Heng Kopitiam Popiah, Satay Babi & Egg Pudding (炖蛋).

GPS Coordinate : N4 35.787 E101 04.675

Mmmm... it was all so yummy!

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