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Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 09's Perak Trip - Part 1

Wonder why would I associate the post with the month? It's because I will be visiting the mining-rich state again very soon in the next month of November and December!! Yoohoo... it might just be another trip back home, but it has been kind of interesting, with the purpose of me blogging this out as soon as I could. Else, I might not capture every unusual track again. With this, I have couple of posts to delay... stay tuned.

As I was leave-clearing couple of days back, I took an opportunity to be back Ipoh once again. There was no special arrangement this time, but with one motive... further explore up north the state for the upcoming December annual trip. I will be hitting west for the month of November :P

The 1 day exploration started all the way from Silibin -> Buntong Wet Market (place could name as Guntong) -> Hawker stall @ First Garden (Taman Pertama in BM) -> Kacang Putih near Merdeka Garden. See map route below, click for larger view.

Buntong is a place I have been only to their wet market, where I got my roasted pork in my old post, upon checking some food blog, apparently there are many famous food stalls around. Even the Ipoh famous Taugeh Chicken is originated from here. Believe they would have authentic taste. Unfortunately, most stalls only open at nite.

I have nothing much to do, but accompanying my mom doing her marketing work. While waiting.. I saw these poor creatures around... 2 kittens, one laying on another (not sure if another one still alive!) and a poor lil doggie which follows most passer-by's legs. Pitiful.

Next, we drove to First Garden area for food. It was not my first time in this hawker stall shop, but it has been my first time trying out this pork porridge(猪杂粥) and fish head noodle(鱼头米). It was nice... Of course, we can't miss Ipoh White Coffee!

Further on, my Kacang Putih lover mom kept recommend us to get this snack from a wholeseller, it's a kind of yesteryears snacks. It wasn't easy to find the place, as my parents only went there once a while. It is located nearby Merdeka Garden. This particular shop apparently does produce varieties of snacks, of course with the specialty in Kacang Putih. They even have got certification hang on the wall, mentioning "Kursus Kacang Putih", means attended a course of Kacang Putih.

GPS Location of this shop : N4 36.766 E101 04.290

Stay tune for Part 2 of the trip... :)

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