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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food Surprises - Roasted Pork @ Buntong Market, Ipoh

Before the year ends, guess I have a several blogs pending for release... this is one of them from my last trip detour back to Ipoh, on the way to Cameron Highlands.

This particular roasted pork stall, selling my favorite type of roasted pork - Siu Yok (烧肉) was discovered by parents. My parents had migrated to Ipoh for almost 2 years, and they had just found out this Chinese Village market recently.

This was part of the dishes we brought to Cameron Highlands on the last trip. Many found this roasted pork tastes good too. Therefore, we headed back to the same market, same stall on the day before we leave Ipoh back to KL.

In normal day, or some non-crowded hours, this particular stall does not seemed to be crowded with customer. Not too sure if this stall is popular among the locals in Buntong, or named Guntong in some maps. My taste comment might be wrong, to me.. I believe there should be more stalls within Ipoh that sells good roasted pork, particularly siu yok. I do hope to discover more next time.

(Click to enlarge)
GPS Coordinate : N4 35.806 E101 03.849

The name card looks cute right??

Oh yeah, by the way, just to site track a bit and show what dish I had that day, before I left home. Hehehe.. home cook Lala (oyster) ! Nice? Cooked by my dad.. not me.. hehe :)

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