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Thursday, December 4, 2008

DIY - Bacon wrap Baby Tomatosssss

Guess I had been haunted by my piggy friends. They are just pork or specially bacon lover. It had just less than 1 week ago, we had a piggy dinner. Now, even mid week, one of the friend and I had bacon + salad + potatoes for lunch. Indeed was a very fulfilling and worth lunch ever.

Below, I am going to introduce you a simple dish and tasty one. Very simple till you can just leave it in a toaster for 30min. I got this idea from my sis who showed me a pic of bacon wrap baby tomato stick, it looks good, just like satay or Japanese grill.

Thus, I tried it on my own. Tried 2 different way of cooking 1) pan grill/fry 2) toaster oven.

It turned out be, the second toaster oven grilled tasted nicer!. Crispy plus the cooked/heated baby tomato could splash its juice. Beware of hot... make sure it cools down before placing them into your mouth!

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