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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Food Surprises - Curry Puff @ Taman Gelora, Kuantan

Sorry, I would have to back date this post a little bit... Reasong being - I had been extremely busy traveling around within peninsular Malaysia for the past 2 weekends. There were couple of posts I would like to share.. this will be one of them.

It will be a food blog again. I had tried this Curry Puff - stuff of curry chicken and potatoes in pastry which normally deep fried. I guess could had been 7-8 years ago, when I first tried this. This time round, I had brought my camera and GPS along, capturing down the location as well as the pictures.

The uniqueness of this Curry Puff stall, is they handmade the curry puffs on-the-spot and serve you immediately from the wok. Queue might be slightly long sometimes, as they might be frying only curry puff at the time, while you are waiting for other stuffs like Popiah (Spring roll).

You could either queue up for take-away, else there are tables and chairs under the trees. They serve drinks too, specialties are Air Bandung (syrup drink) and other mamak stall's beverage - teh tarik, Nescafe, teh-O-ice limau (iced lime tea), etc...

Pricing - Curry Puff : 60sen each, Popiah : 3 for rm1

Some pics for sharing...

Exact location of the stall (click to enlarge)...

GPS Coordinate : N3 48.448 E103 20.761

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