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Monday, December 8, 2008

Junk Food Heaven - Kuih Cincin

Oh dear... this is one of the thing I forgot to pass on to 'her' when she was here hours ago... soli soli. Anyway, she should be able to get this very soon during CNY.

Here's a kind of junk food we had in East Malaysia, kinda famous among the local society. It's call Kuih Cincin. Cincin means Ring in Malay. According to the ingredient, its made of flour, nipah palm sugar and of course oil to fry.

I still prefer the original red in color instead of this. Believe the one in red is very rare now a days, can only find them in Brunei if not mistaken.

Surprising enough, I did googl'ed around and found that there are someone who like this kind of junk food. What a small world.


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