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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New - BenQ's Joybook Lite U101

JOY... JOY... JOY... or HO... HO... HO... Jingle jingle all the way.
~ What's Joybook? ~
Well, it's one of the Netbook which is currently in our market and I believe it has not been that common compare to other Netbook, i.e. Asus Eee PC, HP Mini, Dell Mini, FTec and so forth.

Pic taken fr BenQ official website.

Announcing to you, I have got myself one of this yesterday! from the ever popular PC Fair in town. It was a coincident, where this model is not even in my comparison list, but in the end I dare to spend my money on it. I had recently been googl'ing on tech reviews for netbook, my shortlisted model were Asus Eee PC 1000H and MSI Wind U100. The new HP Mini 1001TU did attracted my attention due to its elegent look, but it didn't attract me in terms of its spec.

Tho, I might not be that techie as other geeks in writing tech review on PCs or anyother gadget. I would just probably share my lil personal opinion on this new toy of mine. I will upload the actual real photos on mine once I managed to get a good shot out of them. [as currently I am travelling outstation and yet to get used to the machine].

Hereby, I would just temporary steal the picture from other websites.

Official websites with specs : http://benq.com/products/joybook/?product=1419

So, just to share what I like about it....
  1. 1) light weight
  2. 2) about the same or rather same size and setup as MSI Wind U100 [I had the luxury to compare an actual model side by side during my PC fair shopping]
  3. 3) Nice LCD TFT screen

and, what I don't like....
  1. 1) limited colour.... there was only Sapphire Blue available... my favourite pink or purple will not release until 2009 Feb
  2. 2) yet to get use to the keyboard, where some keys may be too small or hiding somewhere. Example, the first numeric button on the left is normally as ~ stroke, but this starts with "1" instead. So most of the time I will end up punching "5" instead of "4".

Anyway, that was just a quick summarized review after getting it on hand in less than 12hours. I hope to get used to it and made it heavy duty these few days, at least while it is still under 1 to 1 warranty period!!!

OH yah.. before I forgot, it was kinda good deal getting this from PC Fair. The sales dealers were mostly under-pressured. At least from BenQ, they advertised this model with many freebies! Besides a standard gift package consists of a mug, an earphone, a baby mouse and a 'Joyful' lanyard [pics below]. I was offered free 2GB RAM upgrade (the standard was supposed 1GB RAM upgrade only). And, the final piece of freebie was an 120GB external HDD.... with the price of RM1,799.

Special thanks to my personal technical advisor cum consultant. Hope this will end up as a good deal with no worries left behind.

Some technical review available at:

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