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Friday, December 19, 2008

Food Surprises - Restaurant J.J. Fatt (齐齐发) @ Gopeng, Perak

FRI 19 DEC As we were on our way up to Cameron Highland, a small town Gopeng was our meeting point between the South & North. Anyway, we were the only car that came from the North, Ipoh.

This particular restaurant was introduced by one of our member. Restaurant J.J. Huat, some will pronounce as "chai chai fatt", means prosperous together! What a name.

On the afternoon, we were actually late, as we had been doing lots of marketing at Ipoh, before heading ourselves to this gathering, first time ever families trips, along with 6 cars with 30pax. What a huge crowd huh... will blog about the particular trip later on.

Restaurant specialties : Salted Chicken (盐鸡), Pork ribs, Asam petai fish....

Heard that the chicken was blotted to larger size before it gets steamed/cooked. That's the reason why 1 chicken could served for 3 tables. I specially likes the sauce, made of ginger and vinegar (i guess).

Of course, we did ordered some other dishes, which I don't think I was able to try all..... to be honest, I was very very full that time after a heavy breakfast back home in Ipoh.. my mom's bachang (Dumpling, 肉棕).

Other dish which I still recall was its Black Pepper Trotter, tasted good.

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Choy said...

Thanks for the intro about that big fat steamed chicken. Yes, this kind of chicken is hard to get nowadays but really not too fantastic. Only I recommend to try because it's not common to find this kind of chick in urban places. Ipersonally think the food in Tapah (back from our CH trip) was better. Simple and more tasty and cheaper. They say cheap, cheap, good, good.