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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Popular Food Guide MALAYSIA

Can you spot the difference? If not, click to enlarge.

I bought the first book (on the right) more than a year ago, in 2007. And just few days ago, I bough the second series (on the left). I checked the content of the 2nd series couple of times, while I was shopping at Popular Bookshop, Ikano. I pretty sure the contents do not repeat... Why would I be so sure? Well, coz I had been browsing the 1st book many times lately.

Why would I invest on such book when there are a lots of flogger (Food blogger) out there? Well, investing only RM15.90 for convenience while you are out on the road can be a better deal. I had experienced once, when we were out somewhere in a 3pm afternoon, not lunch nor dinner time... it had been hard to grab foodstall, good or at least moderate and trustable one.

Of course, GPS can be another helpful tool too. Somehow, when there is no picture or written comment about the place, we might not be attracted to it.

So, I had invested to the 2nd series this year - Dec 2008, as I found it has better coverage of food places. RM15.90 now.. in fact it was RM15.90 too for the 1st series, but on top of that, there was 20% discount for Popular member.. there was no discount this time round, at least for the book store I went last Friday.

So.... food hunter friends out there.. time to explore again?

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