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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crabs @ Bagan Hailam, Port Klang

Oh dear, looks like it I will soon becoming a flogger... omg, no... I won't be one as I am not someone who passionate with food, but rather like interesting place to hangout with friends and family. But then, it seems... food now a days is a target one goes with during hangout. That's why, instead of going Treasure Hunting, one now a days goes for Food Hunting.

Anyway, this was a last minute decision yesterday, when someone crave for Crab meal. It was a coincident too, when we had a Klang's tour guide around.

I never recall I have been to this place before. Probably that was ages ago, or the journey was not as interesting, or rather for an unknown reason of family gathering, which I had no idea what was the occasion like too.

Here was where we headed to yesterday.

Bagan Hailam Restaurant
No. 56, Bagan Hailam,
42000 Port Klang.
Phone (03) 3762261
GPS Coordinate : N3 00.207 E101 23.220

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