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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New - Starbucks @ Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

SAT DEC 20 This is my real new toy... since some of you have not seen the original one (as the previous blog was a photo from BenQ.com). I intentionally walked myself to Starbucks Coffee shop @ Tanah Rata, not too far from our lodge during my stay last weekend.

I don't remember seeing Starbucks during my last Oct '07 trip. So, I would believe this is newly opened, just lasted for about a year.

The interior setup was great. However, most people would prefer to sit at the terrace/corridor, as the weather is much cooler. On the other hand, I feel the indoor area was a bit stuffy, probably due to cost cutting, they switched off the aircon.

My only intention to hangout at this place - alone, was to enjoy peacefulness at the same time, and most importantly get online. Looks like this is the only spot I know, which we could get free internet access. In fact, an uncle from the next door mamak stall told me "you could get free internet access as long as you sit at our table right near to Starbucks". But then, I didn't shift my sit, as we had already got a sit at the other end of the corner, which then the connection was weak. Anyway, later after our afternoon lunch/tea, I got myself an espresso and enjoy my internet surfing for 1+ hour, before I walked myself back to the lodge.

It was a great and quiet afternoon on my own.. ;)

Exact location of Starbucks (in case you would need it - click to enlarge)

GPS Coordinate : N4 28.236 E101 22.675

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