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Saturday, October 3, 2009

StarSpecial - Go Green, Live Green

I was inspired by this site within TheStar Online lately, where they have a collection corners on Green stuffs, recycling, mother nature, energy savings, etc... There are lots of interesting write ups in there, for some of you who knows me, I like DIY stuffs, especially handicrafts. If I am able to venture into producing self sustained daily products from a recycleable item easily, I would wish to. Unfortunately, most reuse will require some kind of special machinery or chemical products to handle, i.e. recycle of plastic bottle and so.

One of the article in here which captured my attention was the ECO Home DIY. I was impressed by an architect, who converted his intermediate linked house somewhere in Klang Valley into a simple modern house, with the extra lighting of sunshines and air well into the house, which saved a lot on electricity for lighting and airconditioning, especially when its not necessary. He even built a grassed land at the rooftop, and save up rain water to water the plants.... Indeed a very brilliant idea, of course... this needs his expertise and knowledge as an architect, to ensure what has build is safe!

Click picture below to enlarge, taken from the article of TheStar Online.

Other than this above, I found other interesting articles on saving our mother green earth. This expand my knowledge much wider and its always interesting to see how human being today became more environment friendly.

We should salute to those taking up more outdoor activities, i.e. mountain climbing, hiking, marathon, clean the sea Project AWARE, etc... probably its due to the economy downturn lately, making us human gets closer to the mother nature... it seems to be a positive sign of change.

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Choy said...

Yeah we should start thinking about staying in this kind of house - help green the earth but I guess it must cost him a bom to build it. If some big contractors who are willing to invest in this venture, maybe he will make good money later.