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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 09's Perak Trip - Part 2

Guess I can't hold this post any longer... I have been very tired on every weekday, but a day before a holiday is always an exception. Yeah! I will be off tomorrow, thought its just a Friday and Deepavali is another more day.

OK, let's continue the story! On the same day after we had lunch, we dropped my parents back home and we headed to the north east of Perak. Here's the route... click to enlarge and followon. Generally, its Ipoh -> (North South Expressway North bound) Changkat Jering exit -> Bukit Gantang -> Taiping -> Kuala Kangsar -> Sg Siput (federal road) -> Chemor -> Ipoh. Phew! The journey back was double the route we took on the expressway, imagine that.

So, from town to town, let's see what we discover.

Bukit Gantang - A small lil town about 15min drive away from Taiping. What attracted us there was because there are couple of Homestay place introduced from the website. To our disappointment, we didn't spot a good one, and neither stop by for a look.

Instead, we went straight to Taiping town. Somewhat a heritage town in Perak. I happened to do the 'study' of the places only after the drive-trip. Following a blog, which described Taiping first 40... if you are interested of those heritage buildings and places within Taiping, do pay a quick visit here (part 1) & here (part 2).

I spotted a few.. which I think the best...

The Clock tower, which is also the Tourist Information (i) center for Taiping.

The district Land office.

The market hawker center - this may be not heritage, but their wet market is. The hawker center has many stalls, also 2 that sell Nyonya kuih-muih (local cakes).

Oh ya, we are just in time to visit a newly launched hotel, located just within the perimeter of Taiping most beautiful lake garden. It's call Flemingo Hotel. The setup looks nice and decent, very modern look, where some had blogged with good pictures here. Sorry to say, it does not look any special to me, guess why? Aren't it special and classy look? Hehe.. well.... those who used to visit China might have the same feeling... coz the setup feels just exactly like some budget hotel in China... anyway, don't quote me wrong, as this is just my personal opinion. As its still new, I think its worth a try...

Next, we continued our journey to Kuala Kangsar, the Sultanate town of Perak (Bandar diRaja). What's special there? Of course gonna be their castle.. unfortunately, we didn't make it to their Gallery and tour more on the majestic scene. There's this Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah, which worth paying visit if you have the time to spare, looks nice from outside, locates near the Perak river. Sultan Azlan Shah, who's also my University Chancellor... whom I received my Bachelor honored from him :)

Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah and its visiting hour (click for enlarge view)

Clock tower, looks like its trapped by spider webs, hehe...

They seriously need to renovate the train station! But this has a very 'classical' look...

We then headed through the federal road, passing through Sg. Siput town then Chemor to Ipoh. On the way, here's a view of a special hill.. what does it look like?

Some scenic view of pre-war shop houses and building, really captured my olden young days when I used to visit my grandparents back at their shop houses.... it was really classic!

Next... moving on to food post, stay tuned for Part 3.

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Choy said...

Very good intro of Taiping. Must go in Dec because of the kuih - looks so mouth watering. And seriously, I think Taiping is a quaint little town worth visiting. The huge angsana trees that lined the lake is such a beautiful sight.