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Saturday, September 6, 2008

DIY - Enzyme (酵素) The Making

Many friends been asking me how-to make fruit Enzyme (酵素) . Without repeating myself again and again, I have decided to post them in my diary blog.

Let's proceed with "The Making" of such healthy product. I will post some of its benefit in the later part of the blog.

Ingredients :
2 red dragon fruits
2 lemon
1 pkt oligo
Wild honey
4 pieces pean tong 片糖 (brown candy), break into 4 pieces for each bar
1 medium Holick bottle


1) Soak dragon fruits and lemons in water, preferable apple cider for several hours to clean and then rinse and wipe them dry.

2) Leave them to complete dry. All other utensils use should be cleaned and dried too.

3) Cut off the skin of dragon fruits and cut into slices, fill in the glass bottle with 1/3 full follow by sugar pieces plus little oligo & wild honey (both optional).

4) Then add lemon slices which have been sliced with skin on.

5) Repeat in the same sequence and end the last layer with sugar.

6) Cover the cap with plastic & rubber band tie not too tightly, to prevent air burst during fragmentation. Leave the bottle in a cool dry place.

7) Shake the bottle everyday to ensure the top is immersed in liquid to prevent mold growth.

8) The enzyme should be ready in two to three weeks.

9) Sieve the fruits and pour the juice into a bottle through a funnel.

10) Store the enzyme in the fridge to slow down fermentation process.

Drink the enzyme in the morning and evening. Remind yourself, only 2 tablespoon, twice a day. For better effect in the morning, you could drink them with warm water.

Alternately besides Dragon Fruit, there are many types of fruits can be used. The steps follow the same as above. Some suggestions would be - grapefruit, papaya, apple, honey dew, etc...

Of course, each type of fruits will have its own functionality. I will further explain in future blog. Stay tuned!

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