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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gardening World - Spider Flower

I had been searching the name for the flower for some time. Had no idea what's the name of it, we had got it transplanted from Cameron Highlands, a great highland place in Malaysia, where its famous of its "Boh" tea plantation and cooling weather.

Couple of years back, we have got the seeds from a famous hotel at Cameron Highland - Strawberry Park. It was successful !! Though was a lil hard to grow. We lately found its trick :-

- Use loose soil
- Need lots of water

Previously, some websites wrongly though its a type of herbal tea from Indonesia, namely Misai Kucing. But it was not. Today, I accidentally found from a flower dictionary website, which named this flower as "Spider Flower" with its meaning of "Elope with Me"... hmmmmm.... great name indeed.

Scientifically, its called Cleome hassleriana. The plant can reach four to five feet in height in full sun. The unique spider-like flowers are rose, violet, or wine. Cleome is an annual, meaning it grows from seed every year (meant for those 4 seasons country). It will re-seed freely in the garden. For us in the tropical regions, it will grow all year round.

Some writings available http://home.howstuffworks.com/define-cleome-spider-flower.htm

Here are my collections in my garden.. so far
pinkish cleome


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