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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gardening World - ZZ Plant

I finally found the English common name of this plant! It's call ZZ, must be from its scientific name "Zamiculcus Zamifolia". It has been called by its Chinese name 金钱树, which means it could bring money luck to you. It has been the prosperous plant especially during Chinese New Year seasons. Some writing of the plant, http://www.houseofplants.co.uk/Zamioculcas_zamifolia.htm.

I have a nice and healthy pot in my office today (see left/above), it has been attraction to many plant-lover around my office. ;) Indeed it is growing healthily and has been accompanying me for almost 2+ years! Some people even ever thinks its a fake plant! Hope it could continue to keep growing and showering me with all sorts of good luck.

It's time to show off the transplant of it from a lil green leave like this....

which you can see its still in green till today. The ONE leave below was chucked into a pot filled with soil about a year ago. With dedicated showering of water and love. It has today, grew up with few branches of new leaves.

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