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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardening World - Cyclamen

While I was checking for flowers' name and its meaning, I was attracted by the meaning of this flower. Cyclamen - means "Resignation, Good-bye". Oh dear... what a name. It came across my mind, recently I saw many of these flower appear in my office... don't tell me people "wish" to leave?

Anyway, I have yet to get myself a pot of this plant. This was one of my favorite photo taken back in 2004, at Cameron Highland.

Some followup writings of this plant can be found at http://bexar-tx.tamu.edu/HomeHort/F1Column/2006%20Articles/David%27sPlantoftheWeek/NOV11Cyclamen.htm. Other extracted from this page, would summarize on how to take care of this plant.

Cyclamen will live a number of years and bloom almost continuously if they are:
1) watered faithfully when the soil surface dries to half an inch,
2) fertilized every three or four weeks with soluble fertilizer, and
3) placed in a window with morning sun. In an air-conditioned house, cyclamen are much more tolerant of light than they are outside. In the late fall through early spring, cyclamen do best with dappled sun for a few hours each day.

These are hybrids of Cyclamen persicum. A member of the primrose family.

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