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Sunday, September 28, 2008

DIY - Grape Wine (葡萄酒) The Making

Red wine??? Hmmm.... do you think it is possible to have it home made. The answer is yes, indeed I had drank once before. But according to the source, that was made from raisin. The producer cooked few kilos of raisin + rock sugar till they melted, stored them in a bottle in cold/dry/dark place for couple of months.

This time, we had this referenced from a website.

After short translation, the ingredient and recipe are as below:

1. Get few kilos of Red grapes, the darker the better, the riper the better.

2. Wash them with clear water. Don't use any fruit/vege cleaner as it will spoils the natural yeast at the grape's skin. Make sure each fruit is dried up.

3. Ready with an empty bottle which can see through. Do not use steel or metal made bottle.

4. Get ready with some sugar rock sugar (冰糖)as it is required especially the fruits sugar level are not up to certain value, it may slow down fragmentation. Less sugar will produce less alchoholic value.

5. Grapes must be smashed after placing them into the bottle. The juices will help fragmentation while reacting with its grape skin.

6. Add rock sugar into the bottle.

7. Tight the bottle with plastic tightly and place it some where with no sunlight. Make sure the bottle cap is not tight up too tighly. Leave 30% empty space at the top of the bottle. But, do make sure the gap is close, else it will cause bacteria to lay into.

Keep the bottle for 2 months.

Disclaimer : This recipe is solely meant for self experiment. Try at your own risks.

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