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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Junk Food Heaven - Lay's (乐事)

This post is purposely meant for someone out there! Hee... What do you think? When do you want this ship to you?

Anyway, just a quick intro of this Junk Food. It was introduced to me when I visited China, no.. I think was when someone brought this back from the main land last year. Tasted this particular flavor - Cucumber! It was refreshing indeed.

Following the Milk Scandal in China lately, was wondering if this may be contaminated too.. I had this shipped over lately, about 8-9 bottles of this. But, I didn't crave or had it opened until this weekend. Was wondering if its safe! Anyway, its not dairy product. Believe it should be OK.

Life's too short to think twice or more. Have to enjoy it rather.

Visit http://www.lays.com.cn/

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