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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardening World - Gloxinia

Again, it was the flower dictionary page that triggers me to blog those so-called flower I have known and been planting before.

What does Gloxinia means? "Love at First Sight".... hoooo... sounds so romantic! It's botanical name as Sinningia Speciosa. More readings available at http://www.thefloweringgarden.com/gloxinia.htm.

I used to have many Gloxinia plant in my office before, both red and purples. One of the pot was given by a close colleague, who didn't have green-finger at all. She was so disappointed with her plant and one day, she decided to give away them to me. Of course, it was my pleasure to have them with me!

There was even once when I first move into this current residence. The Gloxinia which I had at that time, ever bloomed with 26 buts + flowers in a same pot! It was really my record at that time!

Here are some office collections I had before.

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