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Sunday, September 28, 2008

DIY - Steam Pear Tong-Sui (炖梨糖水)

Trying not to blog on plants this weekend..... else my friends and readers will get bored of me :). I had this very simple Tong-Sui made this weekend. Idea came after meeting a friend whom thought me how to steam Fuji Apple Tong-Sui.

Instead, this Saturday I saw a big pear in the fridge, and the whole idea of this came by. I usually have my Tong-Sui steamed with many others Chinese herbs. But this whole time, I made it the simplest ever of what I had made before.

Listen here -- Ingredients were just 2 : Chinese Pear (梨) + Rock Sugar (冰糖) + of course water... steam for 1+ hour.

According to some writings, it seems this recipe could helps to cure cough and throat itchiness. To my surprise, or was my unluckiness, I had sore throat the very next day after that. Heee... was probably due to heatiness.

冰糖炖梨确有止咳作用,但需吃一段时间.经常吃冰糖炖梨,可祛除痰热、滋阴润肺. 有条件加贝母同炖更好.

此外, 梨,可减轻咽干喉痒、喉痛失音的症状;肺结核患者经常吃梨,可缓解肺热咳嗽、喉痒痰多的症状; 高血压患者经常吃梨,可滋阴清热,使血压下降,头昏目眩症状减轻; 肝炎和肝硬化患者经常吃梨,可保护肝脏,缓解肝硬化、帮助消化、健脾滋阴; 雪梨加冰糖可制成雪梨饮,能清热止渴,适用于外感温热病毒引起的发热、伤津、口渴等。

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