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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardening World - Pink Tecoma

Have you ever seen this tree along the roadsides in Malaysia? I'm sure you had noticed it at least once when it blooms. Ever named as Malaysian Sakura once in the national newspaper. It's in fact one of the endorsed trees by the National Landscape Department in Malaysia. I saw this poster once a time, when I was attending my hearing at the Housing Tribunal about a year ago. What's the relation - tribunal vs. landscape department??? Anyway....

Back to the tree's biography, its actually called Pink Tecoma by its common name. Scientific name as Tabebuia Pentaphylla.

Lately, we noticed after the tree bloomed. It will leave its string of seed. Being kind of curious, we were wondering if it could grow. To our surprise.. *teng *teng *teng.. here is how it looks like!

Of course, we don't think we will grow this tree any how... but instead might turn it into a mini bonsai... who know? invented a new and unique deco plant.

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