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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me 生日快乐!

Life has been so tiring lately, it has been a while since I last wrote. Topics are all spinning in my mind , but then I just got far too lazy to start. Life = busy, tired, lazy, boring.... what a mixtures of feelings I am having!

It was my lunar birthday that my mom reminded me I must have meesua and red eggs! What a Chinese tradition. Of course, I had mine too but was not done by myself! Hee... :)

Here it goes...

This was an alcoholic meesua, reminded me a friend of mine who never in her life had alcohol, vomited like nobody's business the day when she tried out a stall selling 'smells good' 黄酒面线 (meesua wine). Pity her! :-)

Anyway, this is a very simple dish to prepare, especially for single person's meal.

1) Ingredient - chicken stock, meesua, pork meat, slices of ginger
2) Preparation - Marinate pork meat slices with soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper a little
3) Cook - Boil water with chicken stock, boil another with plain water for meesua
4) Fry - slices of ginger with sesame oil till golden, then fry together with marinated pork
5) Add - Pour boiled chicken soup into pan with fried ginger + pork, add some rice wine 米酒
6) Serve - Sieve the cooked meesua then serve into bowl. Pour the cooked rice wine soup into the bowl. Add some rice wine onto the serving, can be tastier.

Isn't it simple? Well, you could try and let me know the result.
By the way, the rice wine 米酒 was self-made too. Will post them out in seperate blog later.

Disclaimer : This recipe was written based on own experiences. The owner of this recipe will not be responsible for any risks taken out from the recipe.

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