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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kaohsiung & PengHu, Taiwan - May 2018 (Part 2)

Apr 26, 2020 - Just noticed this post was in draft mode for exactly a year. Travel date was exactly 2 years ago :)
Beware - This page may be picture intense!

Second Island - PengHu (澎湖)
It's the exact place from a famous 民謠 by 潘安邦 【外婆的澎湖灣】
The island is quite large, and the main city namely MaGong (馬公) is huge too.
I love the streets, it has a feel which is out from urbanisation, but stays with the era of 1980s. Their street mural arts are just beautiful.

Here was where we stay. The hotel was new and in fact was quite nice.

平湖窝行旅住宿 Ph Hostel

Our stay

Daily snacks in the room

Lunch - Found that was many locals here. 燒肉飯 - nice!


Sun was extremely sunny that day. Typical island weather, sunblock became essential.
Did some walking around, made it to some tourist spot. Chang Yu Sheng 張雨生紀念館 & 潘安邦紀念館 where they are next to each other. Interesting building architecture, which they had kept it as protected area. 

Yu-Sheng Memorial Museum

Tea time - Taiwan cincau and bubble tea


Sunset - View was super stunning. I love this beach and bridge. The real Penghu-Wan.


Following day, we had a planned trip to JiBei Island (吉貝島).
As taxi driver recommended, we are most likely not suitable to go snorkeling, as it is expected based on their APP, it was expected strong wind that afternoon.... and was true enough. As a tourism island, they take tourist safety very seriously. In fact, we almost could not board our ferry towards the island.

Nevertheless, we still board the ferry and find other things to do in the island. In fact, my bag was carrying 2 snorkel masks and swim wear. It became totally useless that day.

Ferry terminal
Our ticket
Strong wind

Upon arrival of JiBei island, we rented a motorcyles and went round and round the island. Started our journey to the sandtail, it was really not-sandy and full of dead corals.

吉貝沙尾 Jibei Sandtail

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The island is famous of its trapped stones at the beach. It was beautiful, unfortunately the weather is turning stormy.

Dessert by the sea. Felt so good and relax.


Our lunch, by the road side. Full of authentic seafoods. 烘螺,金錢鰻,水煮生蠔


By the time we ended the short and dry island try, upon returned to MaGong, weather has turned well and it was just in time for the annual fireworks concert show. It was an outdoor show and we had got our spot as early as 5pm. Ready with snacks and beers. Facing the bridge where fireworks displayed.

We were very very lucky to have visited the island during this annual fireworks competition season. The night was extremely cold, somewhere around 15-20C and we need had squatted outside, so that no one could have taken our beautiful seat.

The firework show lasted close to 1 hour!

Concert before the fireworks show

Happily drink by the roadside

Beautiful fireworks show


The rain
Very next day, we executed our plan to tour round Penghu island... with a motorcycle. Those days when I was still rode on a road bike, really wish I could tour the island with a bicycle, as the road are wide and well maintained. Unfortunately, I don't think I am fit enough to concur the hilly roads. :)

Outside a temple - multi years tree
Tourist stop

Dried puffer fishes
It was very windy here

Boiled 螺

Squid bihun

Prawn fritter

Xiaomen Geology Gallery

Scenic beach

A small town with dock. fishing village too.

Tea time - This was the highlight as I still miss the food till now. 


Soft Red bean in sticky rice fritter

We waited almost 30min for the fritter. Packed and went to the tourist beach before it closes for public. There was 2 islands, and will be separated when tide is up in the evening. That was why it was properly guarded. We became some of the last visitors before they closed.


Following day, we took a plan back to KaoShiung. Before leaving the hotel, we packed our breakfast from a nearby market. I love exploring market, especially wet which usually comes with food market next door.

packed yiutiao and soya milk from the market

Magong Airport (MZG) 

PengHu Airport

Board on an ATR back. Much cheaper than taking ferry :)
Kind of last tourist stop at KaoShiung. We visited the main temple Fuo-Guang Shan. It was a nice walk in there. Not too huge but was hilly climb.


In the evening, it was a re-visit of some places we had visited 2 years ago.

Liouhe Night Market 

Their ba-chang served with grinded peanut.
Taiwan dumpling

Tapao breakfast

Dine in hotel

Our view from Kaoshiung hotel room
Taiwan... till we meet again.