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Monday, October 27, 2008

New - Beauty Square in Kota Kemuning

Something new in my residence area. I finally found it, dream of having a beauty cum facial spa within my convenience. It had been more than 6+ years since I went for a facial treatment, pai-seh... Anyway, this means I would need to spend more in future? Hee... Hee....

Anyway, good thing is - convenient!

Went on for their trial facial spa last weekend. It was only RM28nett, promo till end-Oct '08 according to the beautician. Lasted for 90min, inclusive of 5min sea-salt legs soak, facial treatment, and final came with 10min fish spa (since there were no customer after us, we were allowed to stay for near 30min.

The beauty square concept is a good one, where it integrates with other beauty related businesses, i.e. hair saloon, mani/pedicure service, Yoga class, and even a nice Cafe for hang-out (will blog on this cafe later).

Apparently this beauty concept business was published in local newspaper lately. Here you go for its picture (sorry, forgot to take picture of this place).



How to get there? Here's the gps coordinate - N2 59.098 E101 32.605

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Official Website : http://herbaline.com.my/

Skin Essential (M) Sdn. Bhd.
No. 28, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/47,
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam
Tel : 603-5122 0322

Gardening World - Mulberry Tree (桑树)

Mulberry tree (Scientifically known as Morus alba) is an easy to grow plant on the home garden. I wouldn't say it is easy to maintain as it will grow wild and become a huge tree if does not get trim every now and then. Base on my experiences and friend's advice, I would share some of the tips here.

Mulberry tree itself has lots of its own functions . Just like a coconut tree, where we learn from school days.

The leaves - Widely use to raise silk worm. From a friends experience, the young leaves can be dried with oven, then serve as green-tea. Very refreshing though. Personally I have yet to try. Dried leaves can be collected and turn into pillow (again, not too sure about this, but a friend has tried). Lastly, I would use the old leaves by recycling them into waste and treat as fertilizer, this I had tried before.

The branches - Its the best part to breed the plant. What I meant easy was because with a little solid branch, it could easily grow into a huge Mulberry tree.

The fruits - The red ripe fruit is of course edible. Like other berries, it can be used in baking cakes and pies. I wouldn't think it is widely use here in Malaysia market. But I do see Mulberry enzyme and drink sold in the market. I will harvest my fruit and turn them into great Mulberry enzyme. Check out my DIY post.

1) Mulberries are generally free from pests, though once a while I may see small white pesticides, but its uncommon. To keep it free from pesticides, regular trimming is advisable.

2) The tree requires trimming once it pruned and harvested. Else, it will stop pruning and end up turning into a huge tree.

3) After trimming, that's when the tree continues to breed and grow with its branches. One can replant the plant just with its branches.

4) The plant needs lots of water and sunlight. Especially when it stays in a pot. If its grow on the ground, it could grow healthily.

Fact Sheets:
http://baike.baidu.com/view/128795.htm (Chinese)

Gardening World - Lotus @ home

Geee.. No, it's not my first time blog on Lotus plant. My intention is to show off my Lotus flower shot taken today. I loves my shots today, lighting was good, of course the flower bloomed nicely and perfectly.

Having a pot of Lotus plant is easy. Simple steps below:

1) Place some soil in a bowl/ceramic pot (of course sealed up with no hole).

2) Fill up the pot with water. Make sure it has enough water filled up all the while.

3) Grow the plant from a seed. Seeds are available from the bud once it turned dry.

4) Slowly grow the plant day-to-day, feed them with fertilizer. Special fertilizer is available in the market too.

5) Till it bloomssssss...... good luck :)

Here are some of my old blog's pictures, taken from the seed I transplanted from my neighbour's Lotus plant.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

DIY - Garbage Enzyme

What's this? Very familiar with this, only if you happen to be a 'kitchen-user'. Oh yes, it is often those waste from vegetable skin, fruit skin, rotten fruits or vegetable, etc...

I had read some articles about the benefit of Garbage Enzyme, how we do it and how it could save our mother earth. We recently heard a lot about Global Warming, how to save our earth and so. This is a good practice for us human being for now wasting the waste, but bring it back to the mother earth for recycling purposes.

One of the recent news paper article had captured my attention. It mentioned about a great person who collected a lot of those organic/original waste from fruits, vegetables, etc... and transform them into Garbage enzyme. She then drain them into the polluted river with the hope to save the nature and planet. Of course, we need to do out best to reduce chemical reacting detergent into the drain and river, which then pollutes our nature again. yeah.... the extract of the local newspaper can be found in this article instead - http://mysmartmoneytips.com/2008/07/29/garbage-enzymes/

As for me at home, these so called fruit and vege garbage are collected in my kitchen. However, it had yet transformed into this product. But yet, my fruit and vege garbage is used as 'natural fertilizer' for my plant!!!

Some of the benefits and uses (extracted from www.justlifeshop.com/changeclimate) are:

  • Save Money: turns kitchen waste to DIY natural household cleaners.
  • Multiple Uses: natural household cleaner, air purifier, deodoriser, insecticide, detergent, body care, car care, organic fertiliser, etc.
  • Reduce Pollution: Disposed garbage release methane gas that can trap heat 21x more than CO2.
  • Purify Air, Increase Oxygen Level: removes odour, clears toxic air due to smoking, car exhaust, chemical residues of household products, etc..
  • Natural Pesticides: reduces mosquitoes, flies, rats, cockcroaches, etc.
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus: natural antiseptic for homes.
  • Prevents Drainpipe Blockage: releases residues accumulated in pipes, basins, toilet bowls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New - 1st time Blood Donor

yay! Recorded in the history of Purpledee.... 1st time ever donated blood to the National Blood Bank. Indeed was a great feeling, the moment I was poked! Don't really feel numb or anything, but the flow of my blood circulated all over my body (hehehe.... too much of imagination). Anyway, it was true enough with that experience. I felt freshed on the spot.

Before the donation, I had my lunch and feel tired and so. Thought I would not make it (again!) this time.

It was by coincident, in the morning I was IM'ing with a colleague who was also a 1st timer. "wei, you want to donate blood today?"..... I kept silence a while, giving a set of excuse, but was so tempted to try. Besides, it was an influenced by someone, who's a consistent blood donor, who happened to challenge me a week ago!

My friend and I been chit-chatting and motivating each other, both 1st timer, sitting side by side ... we dare not watch ourselves while being poked! We then watch each others' process and described them in words!!! haaa... very creative ya. With that, we both able to get a pint of blood each in just less than 5min.
In preparation....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Food Surprises - El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

It was a rush afternoon cum evening that particular weekend. Appointment after appointment, from PJ all the way to KL. Plus the heavy downpour in the afternoon. Somehow, time past and it went by as a FULL-filling day.

First was my shopping for a cook book at The Curve. Secondly was a dinner at this particular Spanish restaurant - El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang. Understand it is a famous restaurant selling good piggy food, in a way all meals are pork based. Comprise of ham knuckel, pork rib, sucking piglet, etc... We ordered all 3 of those, just for 4 pax dinner... very filling huh!

I don't really intend to explain much of the dishes... you can find them out from someone's blog, which happen to have more interesting and nice shots of pictures.

They have such customs before enjoying the suckling piglet dish. One from the table will need to cut the piglet with a plate, make a wish, then break the dish to have ones wish come true. I was a greedy one, in fact was because I don't have special wish to make! And so, I wish.... to have all my wishes come true!

Later, we then headed to Pavilion for a drink. Apparently there was good deal of bucket of beer with only RM45++ @ Island Bistro.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New - My 1st Cook Book

This has been my 1st ever self bought cook book! So, my plan was to set priority to blog this out earlier than others, which had been in my wait list since last week.

I was at The Curve's Borders yesterday, hanging around killing time, as it was down pours out there... can't enjoy myself shopping at their open-air flea market. It happened there was a books bargain section, where there were sets of cook book around. My first catch was on this book, as the pictures were all attractive. Of course, with my favorite cheesy pasta meals in there. 'Cheese' again???

Side track a bit. Though I was complaining on cheesecakes in the last blog, it does not mean I don't like cheese. Somehow, I am not the big fan for cream or chilled cheese, but could say a big fan for baked cheese. My 2 friends had been talking about baked cheese in toast, baked cheese on crackers, baked cheese..... I kept quiet most of the time, hmmmm... wondering.

Back to Borders, I had then walked around with this book, still wondering if I really need this. What if I don't do anything out of this? Don't try out the recipe? Will it be a waste? Hm..... Alright, by the time I walked myself to the counter, I was told I could get extra discount if I get a magazine!! That enlightened me, quickly grab myself a magazine and the billed amount was even few cents cheaper than the original price.

The pictures in the book was real attractive! Hanging at The Curve's sofa area, flipping on the cook book... yummy... thought of having cheesy food. In the end, had some cheese stick and bun for my coffee time!

Not yet decide on my 1st mission out from this book, would it be probably this?

Honey Pork Rib

Let's see.... till then.

Birthday Treats... all around the corner.

Thanks to those who care and remember. Birthday is not something too special to me, as I don't expect much every year. To me, less expectation will brings me more surprises!! Indeed, colleagues and friends did care much and purposely arrange dinner and get-together.

I have had been sharing same birth date & birth year with one classmate and a uni-mate. Life had been coincidence. Besides same birth date, I do have several other friends who have birthday within the same week! I should then shout out " Happy Birthday to all Librarian ! ".

As for the tracking records, my celebration started since Sept 26 with a great dinner gathering at Klang. Ready with 8-9 course dinner, can't remember the name of the restaurant. But in my memory, the food was greatest, after all dishes were uniquely cooked, especially the fish soup and fried intestine. Excuse me, I am not going to write another food blog here, wait till I recall the name of the restaurant, else I have someone who can recall the name for me. :)

Dinner ended with my 1st cheese cake - La Manila's Oreo Cheesecake.

On the Dee-day.... I was treated by a small set of close colleagues with.... cheesecakes, scones, etc... for lunch. (o.m.g. cheesecake again?) This time was Coffee Bean's famous Blueberry Cheesecakes. The lunch ended with all kinds of berries - blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry favor. After lunch, surprises went on with another group of colleagues/friends sent me a lil present, but indeed meaningful. Especially when it represents my birthstone - amethyst. Dinner went on with my special one, not a specially planned romantic dinner, but we happened to bump into The San Franciso Steakhouse at Damansara Intan. It was a stop-by on the way home... heeee...

A week later, we were invited to a close-family dinner gathering, celebrating an aunt and cousin's Birthday. See..... sharing same week birthday again. This time, coincidently had the same cake I had earlier - La Manila's ..... Oreo Cheesecake. Great!

The last celebration dinner went on with a co-shared Birthday party, which were specially planned 2 weeks ahead. I should say it was a grand one, with our close buddies who named ourselves '8ks'. Celebration started with hi-tea at The Curve's Winter Warmers, then ended with dinner at Tony Roma's Cineleasure. Oh ya.. not forget, another cake bought for us - Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake..... listen here.. it was C.H.E.E.S.E.C.A.K.E. again !!!!!

Overall, I have had very fruitful cheesecake birthday this year (considering the milk scandal we had recently, was it a coincident?). Thanks to those who been throwing me all those birthday treats. It was a great one! Thank you all.

Not forgetting those with gifts below too!