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Monday, March 30, 2009

Love。Bread。Mold - 心灵。面包。发霉了

Can't wait to share this philosophy i just learned a few hours ago from by my Yoga instructor. The thought was simple yet true, especially when we stop back and listen-think the meaning behind the imaginary thoughts.

Simple test.... grab 3 pieces of bread, most important must be off the same set of manufacturing time and oven.
  • 1) Place each bread into an air tight container.
  • 2) Container #1 - keep sweet talking with the bread everyday, praise it always..
  • 3) Container #2 - keep cursing the bread every now and then...
  • 4) Container #3 - leave it aside without bordering
  • .... keep for 10 days and see the result.
  • Container #2 - full of mold
  • Container #1 - a little mold
  • Container #3 - level of mold stays in between #2 and #1
According to my instructor, this thought was shared over the radio this morning. I tried to search further writings from the internet, but failed. Main question -- Are you lack of L.O.V.E.?

What's the learning behind the simple test above? -- Your life will be positively filled, happy, energized, cheerful, etc... when you are filled and poured with love. Just like Container #1, lesser mold compared to the rest.

How much of us know what love is? From a layman term, love does not necessary mean only love between a couple, it can be anything ... friendship, family, parents, siblings, pets, plant, or any living object. It's all about how you feel, accept, appreciate it. For those who find themselves always lack of love, will borne to be negative... for those who find themselves full of love, will feel life been so interesting and always have positive mindset.

It is the inner soul of you yourselves that borders you. Know yourselves, check out if you are lacking love, especially when you would always act or think negatively. "Find - Get - Feel" the love surrounding you. Avoid surroundings and people who always have negative mindset, think and act negatively. Such as getting angry easily, cursing others even for small matters, narrow mindset, over-reacting, etc...

At times, love is not something which is gifted naturally. It may need to be cultivated, gained, and feel by own selves. Some might have been blessed naturally, i.e. born with it - happy family, If its unfortunate that you were not born in such way, don't blame but there are always something out there which is meant for you to love and to be loved.

Hope my writing does not sound complicated... only if I could cut and paste from others website.. hehe... that will make my writing simpler :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malaysia Earth Hour 2009 - What did you do?

We could see that many participated in the WWF-Malaysia Earth Hour 2009 this time round. Believe it's the publicity which had drove it well, and it sounded to me (at least) has been a success in the urban living city like Kuala Lumpur. Many has shown their support, including me?

Well, I do agree it would just another publicity mission, where many has commercialized it. I did checked out yesterday's The Sun newspaper, seems a new shopping mall downtown (CapSquare) has organized some drives - Walk of Hopes @ CapSquare. In fact the only thing interested me was the run with entrance fee of RM10 and goodies bag!!

I wonder how was the crowd that night. I ignored the event, as I don't think I will be going all the way downtown just to participate in this walk, furthermore I have no accompany :(

So, what did I do between 8.30-9.30pm today?

I have no plans (though with some dreams in mind), luckily there was an invite to my neighbouring friend's house for 'candle light' dinner, and it was in the garden!!! What a beautiful garden dinner (which I had dreamed of as though I'm enjoying late spring or early autumn breeze). Thankfully, it was after a heavy downpour, the temperature was just nice for a garden dinner. It was a pot-luck buffet dinner and these time round, we had mainly vegetables served. Green was the theme, I guess.. to save our mother earth!

Here are some of the pictures for sharing... most of all... candles were the main actor of the night... without it, we might need to walk in dark. With it, we had enjoyed a 'romantic' dinner... adding some acoustic rhythm from the guitar had perfectly brought up the atmosphere.

Pictures taken with Canon IXUS 801S, on loan unit from a friend... since I forgot to bring along mine. :)

McD for Tea !

This has been the most ideal and convenient way to have a nice tea time. Imagine one who didn't have the time to take lunch after all, had a long course between lunch and tea at 4.30pm. Anyway, I had a 'quick' brunch plus a 'quick' tea time at 5.30pm today.

Earlier intention was to seek for tea time food in PJ, my old time hangout place. However, heavy down pours had led me back home instead. What can I get at this hour? On the way driving back home, noticed the sky has turned dark but luckily it has not stated rain (or probably had stopped rain). My idea was to have drive-thru Apple Pie from McD!! Get to know this when a colleague had this for lunch one day. Guess how much does it cost? 1 pie for RM2.00, 2 pies for RM3.00 (paid RM3.15 inclusive of tax).

Not too sure how many would notice McDonalds in Malaysia has this promotion. Check it out at their website. How long will the promo last... grab it while you can. It has been a good deal.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disappointed UOB Credit Card Customer

I am a customer of UOB credit card ever since they introduced their ONE card, the first (as I know of) cash rebate card in town. They made it such attractive where a rebate in cash form and easy for cash redemption at its participate merchants. I signed up happily and had often used the card at Carrerfour Hypermarket, which at at time had 4% cash rebate. Redemption was such easy, where we could redeem the cash at any visit we like.

However, things changed a year after. Their participating merchant had changed, and the rules for cash rebate collection had changed drastically too.

Next, we have our lunch planner's favorite hangout place - SanFrancisco Coffee was having 10% cash rebate since the launch of UOB ONE card. Where lately, when I checked on their merchant lists (as on today March 21, 2009), looks like this favorite breakfast/lunch place for our lunch planner is no longer in the list. No wonder she noticed it few days ago, comparing the credit card receipt, noticed that her recent March receipt does not have the rebate points. At times she event called up UOB customer service to check. I still remember, once upon of time I was the one who pursued her to apply for the card. Well, good enough that she's a frequent SF customer... in fact she has earned about RM190 cash rebate, can you imagine how much she has spent?

Anyway, back to the main story.... In fact, I am holding 3 credit cards from UOB. The other cards were not what I applied. Master Gold card was 'forced' to use and accept as it came with a package with the ONE card. The other card I have is a Supplementary card of a Club card.

So, what's the disappointment....

Incident #1 - Feb 2009

  • - All these I noticed UOB been billing me with 2 statement each more. 1 for ONE card + Gold card, another 1 for my sup-club card.

  • - In Jan 2009, I made a payment to my sup-club card with a single cheque for all my 3 cards, it was even a full payment cheque.

  • - Unfortunately, the payment was not made to the sup-club card, but the amount was made to the Principal-club card. I was angry and called up the customer service.

  • - Guess what they advice was? .... "Mdm, you will either need to get your Principal card holder to send us a letter, to advice us to transfer the payment amount, else... you will have to pay the balance, and the exceed payment will stay on your Principal card."

  • - So, wtf.. what system that you are having? Why is it so inflexible? ... "Sorry Mdm, that's all we can do.".... angry me has gave up "Please get your supervisor or Manager to call me tomorrow" (since it was 6pm that day).... "Sorry Mdm, we can't promise anyone can call you tomorrow, our promise is 3 working day".... :-|, what service level that you have? dare to tell your customer you can only call after 3 work day?

  • (my credibility to this bank has dropped drastically, to be honest)

  • - Came 3 days later, the supervisor called me.. "Mdm, sorry for all these confusion. Because the Principal/Sup card setup, the payment of bill will always get to the principal account. We advice Mdm to have the principal card holder to make the payment for the Sup-card, in future to reduce the confusion"...

  • (:-|, again... does it make sense?.. anyway, it has been 3 weeks far later after the payment date when I discovered this happened... Since there is no point arguing, I took the advice and made the payment as per advice)
Incident #2 - Mar 2009

  • - The story went on.... came following month... I saw my statement and again, the bill was not settle AGAIN...

  • - Called up customer service, this time they told me another excuse. "Mdm, because payment is auto-apportionment by default, the amount will be paid to the principal card as full and it will pay for Sup-card based minimum payment due. ". "What we can do now, do you want to have the auto-apportionment disabled, we need to get confirmation from your principal card holder"

  • - Huh? Angry me asked "every month I had been filling up the stupid payment slip below, kept a tick at the boxes below, just to make sure my payment is made according to what I listed?"

  • (customer service agent kept quiet and start to apologizes)

  • - I asked "is this my problem or your problem?", she replied and said "Sorry Mdm, this is the manual process problem", "So? can you transfer over and investigate further?", "Sorry, we can't do that..."

  • (after talking >20min, I gave up!!)

  • - "Please get your Manager to talk to me"... so, I am yet to get their call.. 3 working days, meaning I shall be expecting a call only next Tuesday...

Very good Service Level huh... even response time is exactly per its SLO coverage, never even border to improve themselves. What a pitiful customer service they have. Bye-bye to UOB soon...

Mar 21-22 Weekend Event @ Toyota Showroom nationwide

It's another weekend.... what's there out there? I received a letter from Toyota this week, informing me of an offer for those cars falls under a particular year of purchase, could receive FREE one year roadtax if I renew my insurance policy with them.... Since my insurance has yet expire, I would only need to register myself with a letter issued. I would use them for roadtax redeem when it comes November this year :)

(excerpt from Toyota.com.my website)

As a loyal customer (at this point) to Oriental Capital insurance company, ever since I bought my car from PJ Sec 19, Toyota Showroom, without failed I had renewed my car insurance with them. Not too sure if its fortunate or unfortunate, I had my car's accident repair claim done without much hassle since I had bought my insurance under-the-same roof. Well, partially due to their after sales service too, after being close to 7 years of customer to this sales showroom, we could noticed there are still a few familiar faces of their employee. Of course, as they had expanded business couple of years back, there are more unfamiliar faces around.

DimSum or no DimSum

It has been a 1+ week ago plan, our lunch planner had planned for lunch at a non-halal DimSum restaurant near our work place. Initially the plan was to have it last Friday, March 13th. Unfortunately, most of us could not make it.

Thus, planner then changed the schedule.. marked our calendar for a March 20th Friday DimSum lunch at this particular restaurant - Tai Thong @ Wisma Selangor Dredging, Jalan Ampang. We used to have lunch at this restaurant when we have overseas colleagues visiting. We will invite those colleagues, especially those who like porkie meal, since they somewhat get bored for having pure halal food throughout their trip. Else, in particular when our lunch planner have the crave, she will plan us to this type of lunch. There are even better description of the restaurant in this blog.

So this particular day, we made sure we all are ready for lunch... get prepared as early as possible, all-set for a hearthy DimSum lunch. 1st car arrived at Wisma Selangor Dredging.. happily get ourselves to the car park, walked up 2 stories of staircase from the basement car park, took the 1 level lift, and found...... tada.....

What happened to the restaurant? This isn't what we usually saw? The restaurant is basically EMPTY!!! except for its long curtain left around. Tables and chairs were all removed....

Apparently, according to this comment, the restaurant has closed its business since March 11, 2009.. which was just last week. Imagine if we would had gone there last Friday, we might not even know it has closed its business permanently, as we might just thought it is close for business that particular day.

Oh dear, what had happened and what should we do??

Quickly called the other car to detour and find another lunch place. We then headed to another Tai Thong at Jalan Ampang, namely Royal China, opposite Citibank building. We understand they are having promotion for 12 types of DimSum with a promo of 50%. To our disappointment, it was just a promotion tricks, where there were not much offer of the promo plate, where we have to wait for them to serve. DimSum service was not too good, waiters and waitress merely entertained us, probably because they knew we were visiting mainly for their promo plates.

Anyway, this will probably the one and last time to visit this restaurant. We might just find out a better place for non-halal DimSum around office next time. Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My 100th post @ blogspot.com!

Wow! This had been my greatest achievement in blogging. In just 6.5 months time, which I set up my 1st post last Aug 30, 2008... it has now with a 100th post... can't believe it myself. Mind it, I had never re-post anything from my old blog at Multiply.com.

What picture should I post here... probably my current profile picture which I might be changing in future... yet to change my blog template for the time being, as its suits me well - pinkish purplish me!

Now, its time for me to review what I had done well, what improvements I would need, etc...

What went well?
  • - practically enhanced my imagination and writing skills.. though I knew I don't really place an effort to enrich my vocabulary in most posts, I am not a good writer by nature. :P
  • - a good past time tool for me to de-stress
  • - made me appreciate life and being observant, as I would take note of things out there and blog them out when necessary, an eye opener to the world out there
  • - bonding tool with friends and family members

What needs improvement?
  • - as mentioned above, for sure its my English writing skills!!
  • - as a friend always tell me "enough of your food blog", will include more interesting topics next time
  • - gain more readers, hahah... obviously I had never publish my blog to most friends. I had just done this TODAY in Facebook, hopefully friends will notice me.
  • - enhance my blogger's tool, i.e. RSS and Feedburner which is still failing on me till today!
  • - ....... & many many more I guess

Time for you, my friend to provide me feedback on what needs improvement... appreciate your participation to encourage me in continuing the writings.

Good luck to myself ^_^ !

Recycle for Charity

Some of you might have seen this box before. Do you really know what it means and how we could contribute our part? I recalled watching a TV documentary program from Astro AEC sometime last year. It was featuring this particular non-profit organization, which has successfully contributing to the society since it established in 2003.

Their official website - http://www.recyclecharity.org/, worth a visit!

What impressed me was how they work for the society, given that most of their workers are pensioners and retirees. They are such energetic, working and contributing to the society. They mainly collect recyclable items, and send them to appropriate recycling centers, then generate incomes and return to society via charity drives and donations.

They work hard for the money, not just via donations. It contributes to the society in a way, saves our environment. But, how much do us eventually did to the environment. Won't deny, some of us do donates money to some charity organizations once a while... but do we save our planet, save our earth?

In such drives, we could do our part.... I'm lucky in such, they set up many of such recycling booths around my residential areas. In fact there are 2 at my area, and they had recently increased their frequency, instead of being here every 3rd Saturday of the month, their presence are now weekly.

How can we do our part in supporting recycling drives?

PATIENCE is the key:
  • - instead of taking easy way off throwing your garbage into the garbage bin, think twice...
  • - separate them where possible, especially dry plastic bags, plastic bottles...
  • - then unused glass bottles
  • - papers, i.e. newspapers, magazines bill envelopes, waste paper, card boards, boxes, etc...
  • - then keep aluminum drinking cans in a separate bag

Here are what I normally do, as easy as ABC... differentiate most my garbage (especially those dry type) into separate plastic bags. Once there are filled up, send them to the recycling centers pick up points.

In a way, the organization does provide phone no. to call. They will help to collect unwanted bulky items from your house. At some point, they might drive their lorry to our residential area looking for recyclable items, just like "old newspaper man". Just that we don't cash out of it, but you will feel proud of doing such charity work unknowingly.

Blue Sky & White Clouds... 一起看云去...

Not too sure where Mom overheard this philosophy, must be from her favourite TV programs.... anyway, I find it interesting and would like to share this to whomever would appreciate it. Personally, I do like blue skies and if possible where it is accompany with some pure white clouds. Lying on a ground of green-green-grass at a chilling hill top or stream, will be a perfect day-dreaming place for me.

What Mommy said "it will bring you good luck when viewing the blue skies and its edge of white clouds", "however, make sure its pure white clouds, not those dark/gray clouds", "those dark/gray clouds will not bring good luck, but will make your life gloomy!"

Indeed make fairly good sense... good pictures and nice scenery will bring one positive luck, where one will cherish him/herself easily, giving one better hope and future...

Let's enjoy the gifted scenery of unpolluted blue skies while we can... appreciate life, appreciate the environment. Stay away from gloomy scenes as it will make one even more moody!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawker Food @ Bkt Serdang Industrial Park

Oh no.. a friend of mine will be sicked of me writing on food again. But then, my food blog might cause her a miss as she's now shivering in cold at the far north east at the "mainland" (大陆)haha... Hope she's doing well enough out there for the next 2-3 years, enjoy!

It was an unintentional visit to the area of Serdang, a place with heaven of nice food. Remembering a day (somewhere 1+ yr ago) when we had a series of food for dinner at the village area. That was fun!

This is a newly discovered place, its an economical place for afternoon tea. Especially when one is at hunger... skipping lunch, but found nothing to eat in at an odd hour of 3-4pm. We found this place because the other restaurant at Serdang Raya had finished selling their claypot fried noodle.

There were a few "unstructured" stalls parked under some shaded trees. We found the place being quite crowded, that's how we decided to go for a try. To my surprise, they sell a series of food which is good for afternoon tea - apam balik, fruit rojak, goreng pisang, dessert 糖水, asam laksa, economical fried noodle, and this particular fried noodle stall which drew lots of customer. Believe it should be tasty!

Initially we ordered only this Fried Mice Noodle (老鼠粉)for RM3.20 and Small fruit Rojak for RM3.50. Finished the 1st noodle we went to the 2nd round of Fried Kuey Teow with egg for RM4.20.

Here's the place on the map and its GPS coordinate N3 02.479 E101 41.872 in case you would wish to explore more. It's quite near to Serdang Food Court. Not too sure about their business hour, believe its an afternoon stalls.

(click to enlarge)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Foxy!

Foxy is my Pomeranian dog. According to Wikipedia, this dog is also commonly known as Pom Pom... named after its look with the fluffy furry body. It's a lap dog and requires a lot of pampering from the owner.

She's now 2 years old! Time flies... really flies, she has been with us for the past 2 years. Recalled I got her after one of my business trip to Melbourne, that time she has been almost 3 weeks old. She was just as huge as a palm. Very cute lil puppy.

And now, she has been very playful but yet obedient, very smart and energetic. She seldom bark, only bark when necessary especially when there is intruder at our car porch, or when there is unusual noise at home.

The only thing i dislike on her is her detached fur, which could end up flying around in the living hall.

Happy Birthday, Foxy !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kite Flying @ Kota Kemuning

We knew our residence area Kota Kemuning has a happening garden and lake which would draw many people during weekend evenings. However, this was my 1st time ever get myself down to the lake on an evening, especially when the sun still shines about 530pm in the evening.

Where is this place? Just opposite Kota Kemuning McDonalds.

Magnifient scene right? Even with a shooting star! (well, that's the aeroplane in fact)

There are few stalls selling kites. Medium/Large type selling between RM10-18, Small one around RM5-8. I almost bought this tiny purple one and I seems to like the later one with the cute white mermaid ;P. However, I didn't get any as I noticed its a lil pricy.


Besides kite flying, there are many activities around the park, i.e. picnics, cycling, ice-cream man, etc...

Of course, main activity is still kite flying... See below some interesting scene, where family members including old aunty running around with the kite. A sweet couple flying kite together... how nice.

One thing I noticed on flying kite, my neck can be very painful... as I would need to look high up the skies most of the time. However, according to my Yoga instructor, we have been facing down most of the time, i.e. using computer, reading and so... Hence, having an up neck exercise will be perfect one!

Finally, its 730pm... sunset time at the lake. Here's a very "warm" family photo taken at the lakeside.

Hope you would enjoy these pictures taken. Wish I will go kite flying again one day, wish to get a nicer kite, or even a handmade type.. which could be more special ;)

Tapioca Cookies (Kuih Bangkit)

It is a long weekend, since it will be another extra day of replacement public holiday tomorrow.... With this extra day, I feel myself much more rested and comfortable in a way I had enough time to adjust myself to a weekend mode. How I wish we could work 4 days and off 3 days.. isn't that perfect for the hectic city worker like us?

Anyway, enough of day dreaming stuff... life has been like that for a while, ever since I get myself in tremendous stress at work. I know some could have pity me and thanks for the cherish brought when it comes every Friday! I didn't appreciate why people used to say "TGIF", but now I would know the exact meaning of it.

Back to the cookie story. I was with my parents yesterday and we had bumped into such idea to pay my uncle and family a visit, since we were nearby at OUG area and grandma was spending her time at this uncle's place too. Mind me, it had been more than 3-4 years I had never seen them, sad to say and even my lil cousin brother who is now almost 10 years old!. Gosh... time flies, remember the time I last seen him was when he was 2-3 years old. I know I am not a good niece and good cousin at all... I knew that!

My aunt introduced us some CNY cookies and she brought this particular pack of Tapioca Cookies, nicely sealed and packed from Taiping. In definitely its the commercial type. I used to like this biscuit long time ago, but all those tasted so-so, even home made type. But this particular one is special, where the cookie could basically melt in your tongue and mouth easily...

Aunt gave me another pack to bring home... and shhh... I had finished almost 1/2 pack on my own since 1-2 hours ago...

I checked through some blogsite... oopss.. this particular cookie 1 piece (6g) = 20 kcal and 0.6g fat !! Gosh.. I guess I had easily ate 50-60 pieces since yesterday.

I will check out this particular brand from Taiping, will definitely buy this whenever I happen to drop by there one day..

No 763, Pokok Asam N/V, Taiping, Perak

I browsed through MFM, the entire Pokok Assam place is so huge. Only landmark available is Pokok Assam Post Office... :))

DIY - Mulberry, Kiwi and Grape Enzyme

Since I had my Mulberry harvest again that period of time, I continue prepare for another type of mixed fruit enzyme. This time I added Kiwi and Grape. Again, its all based on what suggested in the enzyme making recipe book.

Ingredients prepared as below. That's my harvested Mulberry.

Dumped them all into the bottle, add packet Oligo (about 1 packet for 1 bottle) plus brown sugar in between the layer of fruits.

3 days later, check on the bubble where enzyme is fragmented. Shake well as it goes. Sieve it and keep enzyme in the fridge. Consume them as you like. Beware the amount of grape you added, it will cause the fragmented smells like wine.. due to the layer of the natural coated powder kept at the skin of grape.