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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great Achievement of October 2011

This is the month of the year, I achieved the most in 2011. It was all about my life and own self!

OCT 2 It was the greatest achievement among all, for a non-athlete person like me to complete my first ever 10KM marathon! It was rather though, especially when I never ever had the time to start on with trainings. It was equally zero, except for the one time seasoning of my newly bought New Balance running shoe. I signed up for Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) NPE run earlier this year, the earlier objective was just to collect their jersey! Oh well, on the day of run, I decided to just fulfill my run with a continuos walk! Hit a few times, I felt like giving up (especially when running on a 2 lanes highway, constantly seeing others about to complete their race at the opposite direction). All in all, I completed my 'walk' in 1hour 45min, still eligible for my medal!! hooray...

The experience of running was so great. Greeted well with the good organizing team, love it so much. Understand from many runner friends, it is very rare to have such good organizing team, most race, especially in Malaysia are not very well organized. I was lucky! Indeed, there goes my expectation for other upcoming run (if I ever going to run again :))

There were enough water stations along the way... crowd was colorful with the many types of Adidas jersey distributed.

OCT 9 The following week after the run, I was once again hitting the ground and road for a 1/2 day walking trip within Central Market KL. We were accompanying a first time visitor abroad, maneuvering around the streets of KL. Showing him the multi cultural and unique religious temples around the streets.

OCT 12 I restarted my belly dance class after 1+ years. Though I am a little tired for the long hour exercise on the middle of the week, I do find it fun, learning up techniques in dance with my fellow yoga-mates. Pauline@Mystical Moves is my instructor.

OCT 14 I decided and chosen iPad 2 as my 2011 Birthday gift! Oh yes, and it was the heat around town after Steve Jobs' passing couple weeks before. It had been my 2nd Apple product I have within the year 2011. Great achievement?! Yes, in spendings. Nevertheless, the unique and cutting edge technology of Apple, did successfully changed the world of technology. We could admire lots of beautiful screens and picture, thank you so much to Steve (though I personally thought that Apple products been over-priced after all).

Here's my iPad 2 with Capdase casing... Love it much, compared to when it first launch, casing was so limited.

OCT 22 I had my 2nd massage with Helen @ USJ. The experience was great after all, but rather a bit suffering during the session. What made me felt even tired was the on-going queue for 2+ hours outside Bukit Jalil Indoor stadium for David Foster & Friends concert (by Enrich). It was such a suffering wait from 6-8pm outside the stadium, I just felt like giving up. Anyway, after sitted comfortably in the stadium, all suffering pain and anger was demolished as David Foster's piano and songs captured the audience well. He is such a humorous composer & artist.

A message to all... it is important for us to once a while treat us own self well. Be it with a nice spa and massage, a healthy & good meal, a nice concert, a night out with close friends and all. Life is rather short. Living as though there will be no more tomorrow, we need to be happy & cherish always. Be happy Guys and Gals out there :) Life is yours!