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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Living - The Neti Pot for nasal irritation

Many weeks ago, when haze struck us here... my yoga instructor reminded us of this tool. To be honest, I had this tool many many years ago (at least 5?). Never had the chance to try, or rather lazy to try. 

My nose was rather irritated during the 2nd mild strike of haze couple of weeks ago. Thus so, I made this virgin trial into my nose. Such an interesting way of nose cleansing. With some mild salt water in it, pouring over form one nostril to another. For first timer like me, you might find its a little irritated not only at the nose, but you may find your ears and eyes get irritated. Nevertheless, my nose were such clear after that. It's good to keep this cleaning regular at least once a week.

It's call Neti Pot

Youtube has always been a good How-to guide for almost everything.. :)

Worth a try for a healthy lifestyle. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Body Healing Techniques - Isogai

Being a yogi (limited practice) for the past 7-8 years made me feel going no where further, except with a slight improvement for my body strength, I am yet able to relax and hold myself flexible. My 1 week once lesson (with some skipped classes over the years), I would say I am still able to maintain some of my inner strength, but honestly, I should have done better. I am honest to say, its all due to my laziness and lack of determination.

Looking at the brighter side, I learned a lot on my own body and bone structure, through the continuous  sharing by my yoga teacher. Her sharing are not limited to yoga poses, spine and bone structure, core muscles strengthening, most importantly we learned to identify our inner self, through the bottom of our heart. It may not be a pure meditation practice, but through words and experiences sharing, some stories could reflect our own self with its pretty much similarity. I enjoyed such classes (that's why I have been with the same teacher for the past 7 years).

Isogai technique - quick intro. I find it the simplest technique one could use to strengthen back muscle, correct misalignment of pelvics, and many many more. Being a lazy person (me), I find myself more interested on this exercise. At times I could have dozed off to sleep. However, my only failure is to keep up its determination. Only thing I need is a flexible belt.

Check out the youtube video below, if you are interested to try this out. When you are on it, one could feel the legs been adjusted immediately.

Glow your inner self, grow your health.