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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kaohsiung, Taiwan - May 2018 (Part 1)

I almost forgot I have a blog! Guess we have been busy with Instagram and its stories... made us forgot to compile all those nice pictures and information to share. I keep my blog as my diary, perhaps till blogger discontinued it service one day.

The trip to KHH (KaohSiung) was rather eventful one. We were late to the gate, we were all delayed close to an hour because there were some medical rescue in the plane.

Checked in 85 Sky Tower, one of the tallest building. Apparently the building has it rooms/apartments managed by a few homestay company. Nevertheless, the stay was great with spacious room and nice view.

85 Ctree 家莉莉主題旅館

View from Hotel
Shop and Ikea
nice Ikea ice cream

新崛江商圈 Shinkuchan (New Juejiang Shopping Area)

Cuttlefish ball

7-11 I missed them all!
Our main theme for the trip to Taiwan this year was all about island. We targeted 2 main attraction islands to explore. There were nothing to do with cycling this year. I was geared up all the way with snorkelling mask and rash guard to the islands. Unfortunately, storm strikes and we were all stuck!

First Island - LiuLi (琉璃島)

In order to get to LiuLi (琉璃島) island, we have to board the boat from DongGang (東港). We stopped by this place during our cycling trip last year. We rented a motorcycle to hit some tourist spot within the island.

We did a day trip while still staying at KaohSiung. Took a taxi to DongGang in the morning.


fried cuttlefish balls 花枝丸 
Tasty twist snacks
Local beer 琉璃啤酒


cooling mixed ice - yam and balls
The vase
Clear water

小琉球白沙漁港碼頭 Baisha Port Pier

Returning ferry
Explored DongGang (東港) food market.

Looks like keropok lekor
fish cracker
Lots of fresh sashimi

Next stop - TaiNan (台南)
It was expected to be a foodie stop. So much food to explore, so little time! haha... Our hotel was located strategically around some food centre. Yet, need some working and exploration.

Though, we wrongly explored a place during dinner time. In which, all shops and walking streets closes at 5PM. We caught nothing else to do except had a bowl of beef noodle at 阿財牛肉湯

Took a train to TaiNan


Beef noodle is a must!

正興咖啡館 Zhengxing Cafe

Coffee time - Mojito iced coffee

FX Hotel Tainan

Strategic yet simple hotel
Every snack and beer - try a type a day
Sliced bread for breakfast

Fushenghao Bowled Rice Cakes

What's this black stuff? 米粿


TaiNan streets are full of motorcycle


Beancurd drinks
Next Stop - BuDaiGang (布袋港)
It's a place that not many overseas tourist will stop by. It's a small town with its jetty to PengHu (澎湖) island. We took a train ride from TaiNan (台南) to XinYing (新營), then transfer to a bus to BuDaiGang.

Bus Stop


Snacks here are rather special!

fried Yam sandwich with bread biscuit 
namely 芋泥餅 
So yummy
Our stay 光影民宿

布袋港 Budai Port

The glass high heel shoe's church is very famous. Very nice for sunsetting view too.

The church and the shoe

Sunset overlooking oyster farm


We walked into the fish market and found some food stalls in there. Serving dinner time too.
A simple meal with fresh sashimi cost not more than NTD1,000.

Simple fresh seafood meal

布袋港 Budai Port

Ready to board to MaGong (馬公市),main city of PengHu (澎湖). I was rather surprise with the scale of passenger ferry and its advances.

Ferry to MaGong
Old shop/house lot in PengHu
Will continue Part 2 - more on PengHu island.

p.s. apparently I didn't edit the remaining pictures since Aug 2018 :)
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