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Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY - Tomato Rice

Showing off my simple meal tonight. I was supposed to try out a Chinese vegetable mixed rice, but didn't have the right vegetable ready nor its recipe. Therefore, I remembered Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice) instead.

Tried out the recipe from here - http://www.malaysiabest.net/2006/08/22/resipi-nasi-tomato/, with part of the ingredient were missing, and I made it my own way from there.

Intentionally left out the Ghee & Santan (coconut milk), missed out one of the spices too - the cinnamon stick.

Let's see what I had prepared below.... Shallot, Garlic, Onion, Ginger and baby tomatoes. Spices left with star anise, cardamon and ketumbar.

  1. Washed rice in a bowl, drained.
  2. Heated up olive oil in a pan, fried ingredients prepared above.
  3. Mixed them up with the rice.
  4. Added Prego tomato mix, mixed for a while.
  5. Transferred the mixture into rice cooker, added water & raisins to cook.
  6. Added a tied pandan leaves for flavoring.
Finally, here's the end product.... nice & yummy in fact.

Simple & easy meal!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prolink Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

I am not a geek! I am not a techie! What else? I may not be able to write technical blog, but mind you, I have the vision and dream on wish list for the setup in my little 'dreamland' room, which is all meant for my work, entertainment and reading. Yet a lot to do, including its furniture and decoration!

Well, coming back to the product which I recently shopped at PC Fair 2011, this weekend. In fact, I didn't get what I supposed to get, but was walking around observing all kinds of keyboard and mouse. The variety yet to be enough, it was not as great. Nevertheless, I incidentally got myself this keyboard - Wireless Keyboard which comes with touch pad.

I find it rather sexy sleek! Comes with a holder which could charge its Lithium battery via USB.

Check out the specification here - http://www.prolink2u.com/new/products/index.php?cid=259
, and it can be purchased online within Malaysia too, at http://www.proshop.my.

Planning to use this as my portable keyboard + mouse (in one), when I am lying over on my couch about 3meters away from my PC & LCD monitor. However...... I just noticed I might need another mouse to maneuver, during my photo editing session :( It is yet to be perfect.

Prolink may not be a famous brand in the industry, but it has exist for many years. It is a Singapore company brand. Had been serving me for close to 7 years, it all started with a USB WiFi receiver for my PC and laptop, at that time which does not have a Wireless card.

I then continued having a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard cum mouse, which I had been using for the past 3-4 years. They are both still in good condition. I like the ergonomically designed wireless mouse the most.

As we mentioned on ergonomics, I find the mouse design and industry can be challenging and difficult in designing something which fit-for-all individual. I certainly do not think an ergonomically proven mouse could fit-for-all. Urban human today are facing gaming PCs, laptops and later soon more frequently in front of an IPtv, static sitting posture has been badly influencing our body posture, mind and soul. Thus, knowing our own body and needs is clearly much more important than any others. We need to determine ourselves what suites us, what could help us to eliminate pain from strain. Keyboard and mouse position are equally important.

Talking about technology, I may not be the expert. Certainly, I myself could not get away from laptop, internet, wireless, handphone, etc... devices in my everyday life. They might have brought much convenience to us, but we should limit ourselves relying to it much to and extend, where we neglect our health and body. Do yourself a part in loving your own body, mind and soul. Live healthy!

Organic Sea Coral grass a.k.a. Sea bird's nest (海底燕窝)

Also known with its name "Eucheuma" (much of its benefit named here & here). Read out its benefit on your own. Believe most may know of this sometime ago.

I was introduced to this natural product few years ago, but wasn't too sure how could I benefit much from it. There is this 2 things which I don't quite like in preparing it, 1- The fishy smell & 2- The amount of time needed to soak and prepare them. Till lately, it was re-introduced to me during my wellness class. According to the source, this is the best, natural and economical way of improving collagen (膠原) in our body.

Most ladies will know what's the benefit of collagen. It always been mentioned in most beauty products, as normally collagen level decreases as we age. There is way for us to quickly identify if our body is lack of collagen, 1- age >25?, 2- feel of aging from the layer of skin?, 3- its hard to keep longer nails?, 4- skin dryness?, 5- need more time for make up?... :) don't get offended with the questions above. It was picked and translated from this Chinese website -

Back to the so called 'Sea Bird's Nest'. It has been a local product from my homeland - Sabah. A we all know it's a place of sea paradise especially around Tawau's offsite island where we have Sipadan Mabul situated. Following a website I found, this particular company has been producing this coral grass commercially - http://www.seaweed-birdnest.com/index.htm. Well, there is a bit controversial here where to me, things that made out of mass production - will it affect the natural food chain, will it affect the growth of corals under the seabed, will it pollute the sea?

Anyway, let's make it to the other side of story. Assuming environmental nature has been well taken care of. Here's something well introduce to others - the natural organic coral grass a.k.a. sea bird's nest.

(click to enlarge)

By normal, it has to be soaked for at least 6-7 hours. It then ready for variety of food and dishes. Followed several recipe references here as well as instruction above, I could share what I experimented these days.

  1. After soaking for 6 hours in clear water, place coral grass into crock pot simmer for another 4 hours.
  2. When the grass turned soft, I left them to cool down. Kept them in a glass bottle and refrigerated for later use.
  3. Some remaining can be left in the pot, add rock sugar & Chinese red dates. It made perfect for dessert. Extremely smells & tastes better than the pure fishy one without any ingredient added.

Other than the above, it is perfectly the same as jelly grass. Thus, it can make perfect jelly, I will venture into "Kwai-Fa" (桂花) jelly very soon. Till I have the time and occasion to share this :)

Have fun in trying. A pack of Sea Bird's nest like this will cost only RM6-7/pack. Worth a try if you don't mind the fishy smell :)

Recipe References:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biogreen Organic Prune Enzyme

I used to DIY my own fruit enzyme before. Lately, I don't need to do one so frequent any more, as I found my best company - the Organic Prune Enzyme, by Biogreen. It is worth an introduction to this product, though I don't earn any commission through this. It is indeed a good remedy for ladies.

For all you know, ladies may have higher chance to get constipated than men. I heard this over a health topic discussed sometime ago. Indeed it is quite true from the medical perspective. See some writings around :-
I love this. Taken it every morning, 1st thing after plain water. Had it diluted in a cup of lukewarm water. It's natural and helps for better bowel movement, avoid constipation. Try it out ladies, if you don't have constipation problem, it is good for digestion and better complexion.

An excerpt from Biogreen's product website :-
  • Biogreen Prune Enzymes is fermented by using certified Organic Prunes and Raw Honey.

  • Fibre contents can help to ease constipation problem

  • Increases body enzymes and boosts up body immune system

  • Purifies blood and enhances blood circulation

  • Enzymes can facilitate in food digestion and increase food absorption
Worth a try, worth sharing~!

Travel - Bangkok, March 16-21 2011

This is mainly a food blog I had throughout my trip to Bangkok recently... :) I didn't realized it until I arranged the photos. Very fulfilling trip indeed, worth the stay over the weekend and personal holiday. Great company too, of course!

Food indulges started with Mango Sticky Rice & Pad Thai... at stall/hawker place near Thong Lor. Yummy!

Over the weekend, I then tasted Chinese food. Not sure about this place, but it serve Dalian (大连)Chinese cuisine. Where is Dalian? Should be a place in China, but not too sure where it is, forget it, no point knowing. But overall, food was good for lunch. Nice Nespresso coffee too... thank you!

At night, we then had steamboat at MK Gold. I have been to MK before, it's a chain store. But but but, why is it call MK Gold. Well, it is an upclass version of the normal MK. Indeed, the setup and decoration is slightly more premium. Food was good too. Tasted the roasted pork, yummy! As well as the kon-lo spinach noodle.

Sunday morning was Chatuchak (JJ) Market time! Weather was rather hot that day, we didn't shop long, and in fact I don't have much in mind too. Got what I wanted... and that's all for the day. We had brunch there... and here was what I had.... Red curry vermicelli & a dessert. The main dish was good, but not the dessert, it wasn't what I expected. I prefer the pure water chestnut dessert, this wasn't.

We then headed to Siam Paragon that afternoon. By the time we sat down for lunch (or rather tea time) was almost 3+pm. I had a set lunch with yellow curry. We noticed a special Chinese fried noodle wrapped with egg and mayonnaise on top. Looks like MeeGoreng Pattaya, but taste like Chinese noodle.

Beside food.. I experienced something new while in Bangkok. Visited the post office... coz I need to send out a parcel.

My last lunch was great too... we stopped by Thong Lor cafe for lunch. Nice cozy place, with air conditioner of course. I had some kind of fried rice, with cute little heart-shaped quill egg. Mango and Watermelon juice were so refreshing. And the dessert - fried banana ice-cream.

Lastly, was my 1st ever experience with Thai Silk Lounge. In my mind, it may be the last time for me to enjoy the lounge privilege as my Enrich Gold was expiring! :(

Good trip~!

San Terri Cottage @ Bangsar Village 2

I'm not too sure if this cafe still exist, i presume so. Stumbled into my old photos album during the spring cleaning time happening now, kinda love the photos I took with my DLSR at that time. Thus, before I trash them off, might as well blog them out there.

Nothing special that afternoon, was experiencing my favourite time being a tai-tai (rich man's wife - ya! in my dreamland). Enjoying a girl friend's company, flower tea and a slice of green tea cake! Love it there.

Perfect afternoon tea, wish I can have it more often. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food Surprises - Secret Garden @ Bangkok Sathorn Road

I decided to have this as separate post from my recent Bangkok trip. It is just too special (for me at least) by the name of the restaurant as well as the Fusion typed food served.

Secret Garden -- It gave me the imagination of several things. It made me watch a Korean Drama series over this weekend. Indeed a nice production, ignoring the language which I don't quite-get-it, the overall shooting are just scenic. Nice scene of Jeju island & Seoul, not missing the modern architecture of the rich-man's house!

Source : Wikipedia

Another Secret Garden has been a 'playground' of my photography lesson, which I had only been there once! Indeed it was secret as is not a well known public area.

Alright, back to this restaurant. Remembered, it was an unexpectedly cool day in Bangkok that day, as cool as 20C. I was brought to this place for lunch. From the name, it could tell how secret this place is. It looks like Levain at Imbi, KL. But this serve good lunch.

Here's the restaurant setup. They have 2 different section, one for dining another for afternoon tea type of setting.

Let's take a closer look what we had.

I love this.... soft-shelled crab salad! Imagine, this is only available in Japanese restaurant here.

Chicken with lemon, plus fried vegetables. Reminded me of the fried vegetable at Pantai Restaurant PJ.

Roti Canai with Green Curry. Brilliant idea! I will serve this at home next time when I cook green curry.

Lastly was dessert time. The waiter will show us the plate of cakes below...letting us choose. I was told this place serve the best Crepe Cake in Bangkok! Really? Oh, so happened I have yet tasted a Crepe bake before, a friend gave me recipe last time but I haven't get to try it out, as I have not taste one before. It needs lots of work and patient, probably I will rather enjoy it at a cozy garden styled coffee house instead.

Strawberry Crepe was excellent, Mocha Crepe was so-so only. :)

Need to know more of this place? Reference other's blog... check it out here.

Secret Garden Thai Restaurant
117/1 South Sathorn Road (Opposite the convent road)
Bangkok 10120
Tel : 0-2286-2464, 0-2286-2454
Open everyday from 11.00 - 22.00

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gardening World - 'Jambu Air' (水翁)

I have all variety of fruit trees at my backyard and even my garden. Well, to be fair to myself, I am not a gardening person. Thus, do not expect seeing me watering plants, fertilizing, sorting plants under the hot sun, it is just not me. Plant watering is indeed an occasional work for me. But, why am I having so many plants at home. Do figure out yourself.

One thing I am happy of myself, is able to eat healthily, much of organic and fruitful fruits at home. Fruits obviously bare from flower... and here is how it looks like at the early stages. Ants favourite hangout place.

Then it went this way...

Later its petal dropped...

Fruits are growing on the way...

Finally, they are ripen.

Stomach Ache Remedies - Ceylon Tea

There are many natural remedies to cure stomach ache. I know of one, which I am gonna share below. After googl'ing around, I found more.... honestly, not too sure whether they are effective. It is all depends what type of stomach ache one is having. Know your body well, then you could tell, that is my advice. Stomach ache and stomach cramp are two different conditions, it may ended up needing different remedies.

http://www.myhomeremedies.com/static/stomach-ache.html shares quite a number of home remedies collected from others. Good for reference.

What I could share below is an effective (at least from personal experience) that when I had stomach discomfort, likely due to food contamination and so. It is good to have a cup of warm Ceylon tea, no sugar or milk added. It is handy too, if one does not have active carbon pill on hand. Tea bags could easily get from convenient store or even hotel room's complimentary bar.

Browsing through most published remedies, they do mention tea + honey, tea + mint pretty often. This shows, even if we can't get the accompany herbs or fruits, the remedy can serve us well too.

Plain yogurt may be a good remedy too [remember there was once checking this out for a friend middle of a night].

Disclaimer : This is based upon personal sharing & experience. One needs to know well on his/her own body and condition before consuming such remedy. One may be having gastric while though it is stomach ache, thus pure tea may lead to worsen condition. Take good note and know your body well, is essential!

Milky Corn @ Cameron Highlands

Told myself... here is an easy post to fulfill my urge of blogging. It had been a while since I last held my keyboard hitting towards Blogger's page. Life had been just hitting the ups and downs, not to be mentioned here, anyway.

In my recent trip to Cameron Highlands (it had been 2-3 years since I last there), I discovered a new species of fresh corn sold. Previously pearly (珍珠) corn was the greatest choice of all, where now this Milkly corn tasted even better. Its corn flesh are all in pure milky white. Indeed, without having to company a steamed corn with salt or butter, it tasted just equally good. Thanks to the agriculture technology we have.

In case you would like to try one, the uncle whom we used to buy corn from at Cameron's Kea Farm has this. We bought slightly earlier with RM10 for 11, in less than 30min where the crowd had gained, he sold for RM10 for 8.. :P Seems the price fluctuate even faster than the market stock exchange.

Have a try. I wonder if I am able to plant them in my backyard. hehe.