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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre CNY 2013 - Making of Kuih Kapit

Time really flies extremely fast these days, year over year! Couldn't stop the clock, and yet today has been the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year! In most common tradition, kuih kapit - a kind of softly flour made crackers, smells like fortune cookies will be part of the cookie tradition. I am not a cookie lover, nor Kuih Kapit. But somewhat I joined the fun of Kuih Kapit making this year.

Wasn't sure the exact amount of flour and other ingredient to make the batter. Hence, this will not be a recipe post.

A friend invited some of us to her house for this fun baking and making. I was there observing the setup. Indeed its not an easy job, to bare with the continuos heat over the charcoal stove. Did had a trial over the stove almost at the end of the session, before we made way for the charcoal to turn over as BBQ pit.

Getting Ready
Drip the batter
On the fire
My Kuih Kapit
Don't they looked like 

BBQ pit now
My very own Bacon Yakitori
My Kuih Kapit - the result of late folding

Gong Xi Fa Chai 2013~! Happy Snake year, wishing all for good health and wealth.