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Sunday, November 15, 2015

What is Life? Some reflection needed over an usual year end...

I gobbled up this booked over my recent short vacation back home. The book was bought over a charity cause, through a friend. This simple 50+ pages book was written by an unfortunate teenager, whom able to reflect his own life since diagnose with disease almost a decade ago. He appreciate life more than others... which made me reflect on how fortunate we should be, and appreciate life more.

Many lessons one can absorb if one make an effort to understand on each simple sentences written in the book. We should not take things for granted. My take, each consequences happen for a reason. We just need to accept that's a fact of life, while understand why those could happen to us, but not others.

There was also one interesting quote which captured my attention, from the book.
"Whenever you hear someone, even if it's a voice in your head saying
 'No, you can't do it', it means nothing except a test in your faith. Strengthen your resolve.
  Faith make things possible... not easy "
Another important word - Faith. Having faith in life is as important as having food each day. Without faith, life can be meaningless.

I intentionally left behind the book at home, hoping that some other could benefit from the writings. Have a good 2015 year end, looking forward for a better 2016.